Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


Grateful Acknowledgment: Words of Wisdom by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Trapped within the walls of compartmentalized thought word and deed, egotistic minds interactively share a dream-like projection of their psychophysical vibrations as 'name, form, and being'; they wander along meandering and ever-intersecting 'space and time', being continually tested by the conditionings propelled by their own volitional accumulations; diverse shades of intermingling confused mentality perpetuate an ever-heaving, evolving consciousness, bringing to bear the vast scheme of relativity—encompassing the coarsest through the subtlest tiers of existencethrough interdependence and interpenetration

Trapped under the influence of an ego soul that cherishes the image of a self that is  divisive, by nature, the dim-witted travel in time and space. Hence, the surreal experience of 'vitality or presence' as 'wholeness' in 'the here' and 'the now' is overlooked, in the midst of being held captive between two unrealities—the myth (of the past) and the mystery (of the future). The causation of evil sensory outflowings—as opposed to non-outflowing goodis the general tendency of the ego driven mentality. The deeper we are entrenched in infatuation with the self, the more divisive our propensities shall tend to be.

While we experience a sensory body of divisive dualistic perception rooted in the misconception of 'a self', we must unfortunately succumb to our habit energies stored, maintained, and preserved—as memory—in the archive of subconsciousness.

Blinded by the darkness of our fundamental state of human ignorance—grounded in discrimination, differentiation, and dichotomization, our sensory realities are based upon erroneous views. Their very existence is like seeing shadows in the water—upon which we react hopelessly! 

The lack of recognition that the supreme principle of REALITY is the indivisible state of UNITY, SIMPLICITY, and ONENESS—just as space, water, or air that are indivisibleis the reason as to why the ignorant is continually held captive, vacillating between two opposite natures, called subjectivity (as past), and objectivity (as future).

Today, we are witnesses to a whirlpool of confused attitudes and reactions to external stimuli. We search all over in the world of externality for answers, giving little or no consideration to the intuitive dimension of the mind where mystery and magnanimity abides. Let us aspire to pierce the veils of dense and divisive ignorance so we may reach the depths of consciousness where matter dissipates, and the bliss of NOBLE WISDOM MIND alone shall prevail—transcending convoluted divisions, distinctions, and differentiations. 

TRUTH and MEANING is within our reach if, and when, we harness the invincible power of contemplative mindfulness that awaits its cultivation. Regrettably, all other ways and means in search of peace are ego-elevating and ego-gratifying camouflages in the name of goodwill and progress; they are none other than being deterrents to overall advancement while they invariably display and demonstrate our human failures and short sightedness!

In the eyes of WISDOM, thought and expression with respect to 'name and form'—in terms of utterance and logical reasoning—remain in mutual causation in the grand scheme of relativity. It is a time-tested realization, that words or logical reasoning grounded in divisive attention compromise the TRUTH. 

In an ultimate sense, PEACE rests within the mind uncolored by differentiations of body speech and thought. World order and peace is attainable solely by means of a cultivated and balanced attitude from within, but not from without! Let us be reminded, our human experience, called WORLD, remains in direct relation to our state of mind.


Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


I salute to Asha Deliverancean outspoken motherwho raised a child with a heart! 

I salute to Micah Fletcher, Ricky John Best, and  Taliesin Myriddin Namkai Meche of Portland who, together, even as strangers to each other, heroically placed their lives in jeopardy in order to protect human rights in the jaws of hate.

I honor the amazing parents of Richard Collins III who was slain at the University of Maryland and was the victim of a hate crime. 

I pay reverence to all those tragic victims of hate whose precious lives are curtailed without rhyme or reason.

Today, we live in a confused human world filled with anger, aggression, hate, enmity, and many more shades and intensities of temperamental darkness. There has been a surge of sad events in our nation that boasts overall civility in comparison with the rest of the world, but seemingly falls short at the root of rationality. Day in and day out, we wake up to the confused reality of inhuman and savage forms of conduct triggered by seething vexation. This is a very disheartening and demoralizing state of affairs that we, together, are burdened with, today. 

We, are one humanity and one family of sentience indivisibly and inseparably linked by the ever-present breath of LOVE. We share the same flesh, blood, bone, and marrow transcending all illusory discriminations of thought as mental constructs. We surf the waves of life and death in the ocean of eternity; we all wish for happiness regardless of toxic egocentric attitudes and pursuits. It takes a thoughtful shift in our attention, however, to understand the core of our being that lies beyond the multiplicity and diversity of appearances, names, and discriminations. ALTRUISTIC COMPASSION is its character. It is the mirror essence of LOVE; it is untainted and unruffled by all waves of thought. PEACE is its glorious vesture and it is within our reach when we get past our confused mental chatter. 

I once read thus:

"The mind is a garden; in it, we are the gardeners; we can grow flowers or we can grow weeds!"

Eloquently said, it gets to the gist of the conversation! Those of us who are prisoners of our own emotions fanned by the flames of egocentricity and reckless human advocacy will regrettably remain trapped, drained, and drowned in the swamp of dubious and misguided conceptions. While this is the case, weeds alone shall propagate. The only way we may get our bearings together is to  be very enthusiastically engaged peace activists in and around our immediate and extended family settingsthe grassroots of social organization and revitalization. Needless to say, the flowers and fruits of our efforts—by way of body, speech, and mind—may only bring forth their natural consequences assuring us with the promise of non-harm and PEACE!

I am inspired by the words of ASHA DELIVERANCE who transformed her tears of unbearable maternal pain to the joy of indestructible altruistic LOVE. I am equally impressed by the most gracious and noble sentiments expressed by Richard Collin's parents in the wake of their son's unprecedented death at the University of Maryland.

I often question as to why human beings stoop so low to commit atrocities only to demonstrate that they are emotionally impoverished. Many of them show no signs of repentance and it is a gravely disturbing picture. They, most obviously, need help because they are the products of their own conditioning—where the  weight primarily rests upon the parents and immediate family who continually and collectively etch the behavioral code of the future. Innocent bystanders, as well as heroic men and women, intersect with these confused predators at inopportune moments, bringing grief to on-lookers who are imbued with traits of selfless love. 


Let us stand in unison to raise wholesome children with superior human values.

Let there be no callousness demonstrated to cause suffering upon any form of sentience that wishes happiness for its own life.

Let not your children participate in devious, deceptive, and degradable acts that only cause ill-will upon others, not forgetting the environment; if this was the case, you become the architects of the future of destruction, as opposed to spiritual human advancement.

Never nourish your child's intellect with unworthy sensory inputs. Let  them be immersed in curiosity, adventure, and guided research, to understand the mysterious and marvelous interactive facets of nature, called LIFE!

Let your child understand that he/she is an indispensable microcosmic wheel of energy inextricably interconnected and interpenetrated with the vastness of the universal spectrum. The recognition that, 'he/she is the universe' and 'the universe—in all of its magnanimityis  in him/her' is the stepping stone to higher realization. Every wave of intention and action exerts its unfailing imprints of energy in the ocean of consciousness. Our purities and defilements play out in counteractive momentum just like the microbial interactivity that takes place so involuntarily within the organism, called body. We, alone shape our world by our thoughts and actions. Please communicate ideas with sound reasoning and raise your child upon the edifice of wisdom! LOVE alone endures, anything contrary to this pristine nature brings about catabolic effects all the way around.

Let your child know that nature is not reactive (like us humans) but is responsive and adaptable to the presence of all conditions. We have much to learn from nature; nature is our teacher!

Let your child know that nature flexes its muscles in mysterious ways to heal humanity, so we may grow to learn that all differences fade away at times of  dis-ease and catastrophic upheavals. We, thus, arrive home to the base of LOVE that sees no demarcations other than ONENESS!

May you grow to realize that, 'the world rests in the hands of the child' who undergoes formative development through the phases of 0-6, 6-12, and 12-18 years of age. Mental attitude and intellectual aptitude have their roots embedded and anchored in the bedrock of human life. As parents, we have a responsibility to nurture the nature of human development with caring attention GROUNDED UPON ALTRUISTIC COMPASSION ALONE. 


Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life.

Beloved Mom,

I celebrate your spirit through each passing day
With every breath and every step I take!

I see no boundaries or limitations in time and space
To commemorate your heart of LOVE to my very best!

You are 'the reason' for my very being
Grounded in culture and wisdom, so serene!

You are the source of strength
And the flame beneath my intellect
From the very inception of my life, to this day!
No words can express the virtues you reflect
You are beauty and balance
From 'inner' to 'outer', to articulate
Through time and space!

You've been my mentor all the way around
Who steadfastly stood beside my unequaled father
Walking your journey of LOVE!

Together, cherishing your children
While touching their lives
Having sown the seeds of knowledge, soothing and kind
Through experiential waking life!

You have lived the role of mother, let me not forget
Around scores of children on Earth
Who crossed your path
Through time and circumstance

Your selfless acts speak volumes
To this very day
In the hearts and minds of those
Who were truly fortunate!

Today, I am a grateful victor
To treasure the rarest gem in my life
Called, 'My Precious Mother'
Unparalleled, in my eyes, by any other!

May all children grow to be refreshed
With the thought of 'MOTHER'
The very reason that underlies every child's existence
Filled with LOVE eternal, and unconditional!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace.

Humanity cries out loud for help!

Friday, April 14, 2017

RAN30: 30 Years of Rainforest Action Network

Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life.






Dear Friends,

I support every life-centered cause and I passionately endorse the vision of the RAINFOREST ACTION NETWORK! Our unity in this regard is the strength we exert in unanimity to sustain our planet Earth and its colorful inhabitantsnow, and forever! If the natural habitats suffer we, together, suffer! Their ecological balance and harmony essentially defines our overall quality of being. Do keep in mind, we are in it together as 'one species' amidst a multitude of othersreceiving, giving, and sharingin the great scheme, called LIFE! 

Let us be reminded that all aspects in the entire universe operate in mutual causality; therefore, universal order and chaos is never without reason. Myriad intersecting wheels of energyfrom 'the infinitesimal' to 'the infinite'including 'you and me' are the inexorable participants in the dance of LIFE. The vantage points of subjectivity and objectivity dissolve in  light of TRUTH and REALITY. We can never hold sovereignty over nature, while foolishly assuming to be mere spectators of an objective worldmanipulated with selfish motivation, to no avail. NATURE is the OMNIPOTENT UNITY of diverse expressions; every expression is intended to adhere to the synchronistic, ALTRUISTIC WILL of THE COSMIC WHOLE. Every deviationin defiance of this great cosmic rhythm and orderbecomes the inherent and inevitable cause for destructive, or perhaps, cataclysmic natural phenomena. We always wonder about climate change while there are dubious theories generated to justify its causes. Regrettably, all justifications, correlate with the attitudes, mental capacities, and aptitudes of limited human perception. Its takes cultivated deep-lookingabstaining from diverse, deep-seated elements of selfishness to marvel upon our great cosmic treasure that is at the heart of our very being. 


As it is spelled out lucidly above, let us not overlook, misuse, or abuse our natural human endowment. It is not the 'little self' of obscured perceptionlimited in its capacity to see things in light of TRUTHthat must seek to elevate itself. It is 'THE GREAT SELF'vast and supremeas myriad expressions of life, that calls for our deep reverence.


Thank you, for taking the time to reflect upon the UNITY OF OUR VERY BEING!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


Photo Credit to: Timeline Photos

Dear Mark and Priscilla and ALL Parents who Live to Make a Difference in the World,

I am an ardent user of Facebook to spread the seeds of LOVE at all times, whenever possible! Thank you, for this great opportunity via social media to connect with the world, so that people may exercise good judgment to exert their talents uniquely in order to make a healthy difference in humanity.
My lifetime, in particular, has been dedicated to the cause of inspiring children and parents of the world—awakening them to the fundamental truth of compassion upon which all ideals for learning must be grounded. Thanks, with all of my love and gratitude, to my own parents who lived to epitomize superior moral values. As pioneering influences in the field of Montessori, they grounded me in its 'compassion based' philosophy (and psychology) that embraces ‘living to learn’—propped upon the twin virtues of unconditional respect and responsibility towards all things that compose the fabric of LIFE.
Since each and every one of you (naturally aspiring to be very eager young informed parents) stand on a very powerful platform to help shape our world, I ask for your kind advocacy to extend your altruistic heart—raising awareness in humanity about the cultivation and application of the pivotal virtues of kindness, humility, and respect—powered by inclusiveness. 
That said, together, may you lead this world to prevent undue pain and suffering upon all beings of sentience—to include the beautiful, yet, helpless and hopeless creatures that graze our planet Earth's lush and beautiful habitats. May these habitats, in turn, remain protected—undisturbed and unsullied by human exploitation, infiltration, intervention, and destruction—so that their flora and fauna may carry out nature's intended higher purpose for the preservation of all species and our greater environment, THE PLANET EARTH!
I am particularly saddened by the fact that the children of this nation and the world have little or no guidance in this regard—in contemplation of the stark reality that our civilized world continues to be set back by the values of instinctual human conditioning. Today’s children, to say the least, are the unfortunate heirs and beneficiaries to the poor choices of their elders who often remain selfishly motivated to harm and endanger beautiful creatures and their natural environment—in the name of sportsmanship, or otherwise. 
As human parents, bestowed with emotional depth and 'a conscience', may you reflect upon the selfless nature of LOVE that embraces all of life, transcending conceptual demarcations. All creatures, besides humans, feel pain as much as we do; they deserve a chance to live as much as we do. Our spiritual human ascent, as well as endowment, rests unequivocally upon our capacity to practice and realize the principle of COMPASSION that permeates all aspects of life.
In observation of the wisdom that speaks thus, ‘you know the character of a human being by the way he/she treats animals’, I make this plea to you, to become the greatest advocates, especially, in service to the children of the earth. To protect the innocence of all children—by never exposing and de-sensitizing them to the cruelty inflicted upon animals—especially, in their most formative years of life, is to save the world from undue misery! Every little drop of LOVE by which we may touch the ocean of human potential, the further we shall advance towards its healthy transformation.
Altruistic compassion from our very ground of being is the time-tested TRUTH to a better world filled with PEACE and LOVE! 

Thank you, ALL, for taking the time to read my message.

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 

Looking Deeply to Nourish the Body, Mind, and Spirit with Wholesome Nutriments!




  • Edible food
  • Five-sense impressions
  • Volition
  • Consciousness

Edible Food is our most basic form of sustenance at the coarse/gross level of the body. The key to one's health and destiny, though, rests upon the way we choose to use the mouthby personal choice and selection. 

Our desires for food consumptionby way of eating and drinkingare driven by the need for general sense-appeasement. The mouth and its taste-buds play the primary role in this regard. The preference of taste and flavoremblazoned uniquely by shape, size, color, smell, density, texture and temperaturesadly takes precedence over 'satisfying the needs of the body'. Very often, we remain in denial of what the body requires and yearns for its overall health and well-being. The stubborn fact remains that 'our microcosmic living world of the body' is an intrinsic organic property and a process of the universecomposed of inorganic substanceswhile being propelled by evolutionary principles. It shares the nature of the universe and awaits being nurtured and sustainedwith harmony and balanceby means of carefully absorbed vital energy, derived from potent nutrients of the physical/vegetal world. However, this essential truth is overshadowed by the habit energy of momentary pleasure sought.  Consequently, uncontrolled gluttony, negligence, and heedless ignorance pose to be the seeming cooperative conditions that perpetuate dis-ease, bringing about pain and suffering. As the sayings go, "we are what we eat" and '' the roots of all disease lie in the mouth"!

Sense Impressions are perpetual food as the breeding ground for thought; thought processes give rise to habit patterns that continually fashion our personality traits and, in turn, form and mold our character. Therefore, the exercise of mindfulnesswith regard to the quality and type of sensory inputis essential towards the preservation of equilbrium between the body, mind, and spirit. Non-toxic sensory matter may only assure us with the promise of overall peacefulness. Let us not forget, the senses belong to the mind; they are mind's windows to the world! They deserve to be guarded with prudence and mindfulnessopening them to embrace purity, and shutting them to what is unworthy and defiled.

Volition has its roots in our deepest desires or motivation.  It is the ever-propellant force of mind that 'wills' through day and night to think, speak and act.  However, if desires originate from the darkness of afflictive emotions and consequential thought processes, a precious human life will  be doomed with misery. On the contrary, if desires are grounded in the brilliance of altruistic intention and compassion, an eternally joyful life will be the spontaneous revelationin terms of our mortal experience. 

The desire or aspiration to transform oneselffrom darkness to brillianceis a noble path to undertake, and a realizable truth. When such a virtuous aspiration finds inward realization, a shift in our personal attention becomes self-evident in regard to all things. Very spontaneously, therefore, the quality of the outer world becomes a mere projection of the inner world; essentially, the 'outer' will only be reflective of the conceptual and emotional clarity or clutter/confusion that looms 'within'. From this vantage point, it is reasonable to say that entire societies have the potential to be transformed 'little by little', if and when the inner world has been discerned and looked upon with deep respect. Above all, the very apparent  emerging attitudecolored and conditioned by 'the inner taste of being'sets the pace for all 'outer states of being'

The transformation of hate, enmity, envy, jealousy, and aggression, to say the least, into loving kindness,  sympathetic joy, forbearance, understanding, and reconciliation is a marvelous practice of wholesome volitionas 'the superfood' to healing the mind and its metabolic imprint, called the body.

Wholesome volition, it must be emphasized, is the noble way to end divisive thought, speech, and action.

It is the only avenue through which the mind is steered towards a deep sense of equality and democracyin consideration of all human rights and social justice.

It is the realization of 'freedom' or 'liberty' centered at the heart of TRUTH! 

Consciousness, in a collective sense, is the 'seed-depository' or 'storehouse' of energy and information; it is the universal archive that contains, receives, retains, preserves, maintains, and processes the seed-imprints of 'purity and defilement'while they most naturally and inevitably remain in counteractive gridlock and in eternal flux. Consciousness at its surface of manifestationsin alignment with causes and cooperative conditionsmay be best expressed or regarded as 'the ever-heaving waves of interactive energy' springing upon the still ocean of 'essence' MIND. All of 'form and being', thus, are the unrelenting oscillationsas 'waves-forms' of energyintermingling and interpenetrating with one another. From a very fundamental perspective we, together, share 'a collective consciousness' whereby we live, breathe, and consume through a kind of osmosis.

Our notions and concepts in relation to ethics and morality (in terms of good and evil, virtues and vices, and so forth) are products of our collective consciousness. We are naturally influenced by the thoughts and conditions prevalent within the aggregate consciousness that surrounds usby way of family, community, city, state, nation, or world!

Therefore, it is in our best interest to find ways to nurture our nature within a well-intentioned collective consciousness that reveres as well as fosters holistic values and idealsacknowledged as being inclusive and other-centered, while being individually self-respecting.

Let us look deeply to nourish the trinity of our very 'being'in body, mind, and spiritwith the four aforementioned quintessential nutriments.

Let us, together, change our world for the better 'little by little, at a time'by making a healthy shift in our inner attentionso we may re-adjust the way we look upon things,  simply expressed, as attitude!

May the seeds of LOVE 
sown in 'the here' and 'the now' 
from my heart
bestow my friendsand equally so,
my greater family of humanity 


Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. 

Humanity cries out loud for help.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Significance of Thanksgiving

Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 

A Personal Vantage Point

Today, and everyday, I give thanks to my world of experience - in 'the here' and 'the now' - within the universal global field of interdependence and co-existence.

In my view, this world finds meaning and purpose beginning with my parents who sowed the seeds of LOVE in me - from the inception of my very being.

In whatever form, or however, the world manifests - as my sensory depiction - it
remains a projection of the quality of 'those seeds of LOVE' sown and nurtured in me, (and my siblings). I revere my parents for their unmatched grace, humility, and overall wisdom. 

In very precise terms, family holds the pinnacle of conditioning! 

I pay homage with immense gratitude to my parental family - having been guided, protected, mentored, and sustained upon the ground of altruistic compassion; for truth be told, my parents lived to epitomize this principle in thought, word, and deed. Most naturally, this supreme virtue and its faithful observation was transmitted to the next generation - our precious children. Together, to this day, we continue to cherish our moral roots - disseminating the seeds of LOVE along our human journey across time and space.

Extended family falls in place next, along the lineage of my personal history.

I thank this stream of influences for respecting my family's ideals; regardless of the conduct of each disposition that comprises this line, our best wishes have been accorded - as spontaneous expressions of good-will from our end.

On a tertiary basis, relatives through biological connections, friends by attractions, acquaintances by incidental means, work-related influences - with or without choice, not forgetting adversaries - through resistance and misunderstanding - have crossed our lives. This, I  realize is the way of the world.  I continue to hold gratitude towards each of these social groups for having been interwoven with my life, shaping and and fashioning my destiny, in one way or another. My inner strength to accept them for being who they are - and to embrace them - finds its roots in my formative upbringing. Again, I salute to my amazing dad and mom!

Life along the course of my personal maturation has entailed growing influences such as schools, youth forums, clubs, faith based organizations, and governing bodies - by way of locality and community, city, state, and nation. Needless to say, my citizenship has been systematically asserted and impacted through all of these channels. However, I have come to recognize the indispensable nature and powerful potential of my individual agency within the collective, and vice versa. It takes duty pivoted upon a deep sense of respect and responsibility to help sustain each cause, along its process of realization. I continue to give thanks to this ever-compounding and expanding world of influences through all times - both peaceful and troubled!

Last, but not least, I give thanks to my great world of humanity composed of uniquely defined natural beauty and infinite diversity, mirrored upon THE OMNISCIENT TRUTH OF UNITY!

May all fellow beings be freed from the influence of grotesque mental constructs!

May all fellow beings find relief from being the prisoners of their own emotions!

May all fellow beings realize the all-transendent principle of ALTRUISTIC COMPASSION!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


Our human experience is a sea of incessantly intermingling vibrations - a process beyond our mortal speculation and control.
We can only gain hope - through the exercise of good judgment grounded upon the edifice of morality alone - that the great drama of energy shall bring forth the patterns and processes aligned with, and propelled infinitely by our collective, cumulative, and dominant thoughts, words, and deeds. The inconvenient truth is the fact that we are not in a position to fathom what lies beneath the seeming victories and defeats in life. 
However, let us always keep in mind that the universal sublime principles of purity and defilement are mysteriously at counteractive interplay - bringing to bear the manifestations that surpass the human capacity to understand. Our rejoicings and sorrows are varying by nature - in relation to the degree of our conceptual attachments - both individually and collectively. 
Be that as it may, we are in this quagmire together having a very personal experience within the universal scene. Our sense of freedom, though, calls to uphold the middle ground of inner and outer balance so that we become the faithful spectators of all that come to pass so spontaneously.
Above and beyond all colorations of divisive thought, word, and deed, the transcendent TRUTH OF COMPASSION reigns in the universe healing humanity in myriad perplexing ways. Therefore, let not our negative emotions dampen our attitudes. 
Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Just be patient!

 Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.