Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of LIFE! 


The sky mourns in sorrow
On this Thanksgiving day
November 23, 2017
For countless precious beings
Terminated, in vain
In keeping with an age-old tradition
of a pilgrim heritage
Some hunters and food gatherers
of a different stage in civilization

Does it make moral sense, though

In this day and age
When choices are abundant, of course
to exercise the human free-will
in unconditional compassion

Humans rejoice, regrettably

in delusion and denial
Amidst others' sorrow and lamentation...
Of kindred beings of ONE ESSENCE 
Who treasured their right for survival

Just know, there is just one supreme presence

of incessantly evolving many expressions
As a cosmic ballet surreal, and ever-transient
To the pulsations and rhythms of...
A sole symphony of manifold vibrations
Orchestrated from the infinite to the infinitesimal
All of which are of ONE TASTE and ONE SUBSTANCE
As such, LOVE alone—the TRUTH ULTIMATE!

The universal law—all-transcendent, nonetheless

The equalizing force in operation
Over and beyond human speculation
Unfailingly, brings to bear
the fruits of body-speech-mind
As such, pain given, will be pain taken
with no exception!

Beware the moral law, sublime

Transcends space and time
While it operates across 'space and time'
Mysteriously, when cooperative conditions are aligned
As time and opportunity unite
While circumstance is defined!

The world of experience, hence, is none else

but a momentary manifestation
As 'the here' and the 'the now'
Along a causal continuum
The river of 'form and being' 
with neither beginning, nor ending
Emanating the aura of sentient perception
Confused or radiant!

 Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


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Today and every day, I give thanks to the NOBLE-MINDED who live to cherish the welfare of all fellow-beings of sentience that graze our planet EARTH's beautiful habitats, surpassing distinctions and differentiations.

Today and everyday, I give thanks to all beings of precious sentience...

  • human and non-human
  • large and small
  • strong and weak
  • powerful and defenseless
  • near and far
  • seen and unseen

...whose lives are terminated or compromised, WITHOUT CHOICE, to feed the distasteful cravings of the SELF-GRATIFYING IGNORANT, blinded by lustful sense-pleasure and egoism—exacerbated by the transient exercise of worldly power—manifested as any one, or more in combination, of the following evil out-flowings of body-speech-mind:

  • passion (cravings propelled by sense appeasement)
  • aversion (to that which is not self-serving)
  • delusion (inability to see the deep interconnectedness of all things)
  • prejudice and discrimination
  • greed (to amass material wealth, power, and glory)
  • instinctual cravings/gluttony
  • self-exoneration
  • aggression and enmity
  • irresponsibility and denial
  • insensitivity
  • hypocrisy
  • amorality

Today, and everyday, I give thanks to the EVER-PRESENT UNIVERSAL SCHEME OF MORAL JUSTICE—OF EQUALITY AND RECIPROCITY—that continually and sublimely heals and balances all evil out-flowings of body-speech-mind, as aforementioned, until lessons are learned over time, and time again!

Today, and every day, I pay homage to my beloved parentsDIONICIOUS AND MILDRED GUNAWARDENAfor bestowing in me, and my siblings—not forgetting my parents' well-cherished grandchildren—the morally grounded conditioning to light up our lives with other-centered compassion and wisdom.

Today, and every day, I deeply appreciate my kaleidoscopic human heritage—of diverse configurations and mental attitudes—endowed with the potential for higher realization.

Last, but not least, I thank all facets of LOVE in the SUPREME UNIVERSAL TAPESTRY of 'RELATIVE BEING' that made my own life possible, enabling me to carry out my human purpose fully (for myself), and usefully—to all mind-body processes that are indispensably interspersed with mine.

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life.


Our human reality is the long conditioned response to the quality of mind held through ever-vacillating time and space between 'a past' and 'a future'. We continue to operate in a field of separateness spurred by divisive body, speech, and thought, blinded by the darkness of egoistic ignorance. The 'self' delusively apprehends its objectthe world of multiplicity and diversitypropelled by  desire, in the guise of passion and aversion; from its dualistic purview, it fails to recognize that the subject and object, together, form 'one whole' as the seamless ocean of LOVE that permeates all of 'being'transcending name and form. The dull-witted subject loses recognition that it is an integral aspect (a momentarily materialized universal)⏤erroneously seen as individuationwithin an inconceivable web of interrelatedness and interpenetration of phenomena. This aspect of particularizing and discriminating consciousnesscalled the selfis the insidious reason beneath the avalanches of experience we encounter as both 'good and evil' while the latter overshadows the psychological spectrum in relation to sensory impressions, perception and conception.

Each of us, in the depth of our consciousness, wish for peace and well being; we, however, remain entrenched in our deeply ingrained habitual patterns propelled by the father of self-centric ignorance and the mother of desirebringing to bear the off-springs of craving, clinging and attachment towards multitudinous 'name and form'and all of these, along the blind pursuit of happiness. 

More often, than not, our life-force tainted by the scar tissues of emotive and cognitive unrest revolves around the fulfillment of self-worthiness and self-elevation shunning and reducing the self worthiness of other beings. This is the most obvious catalyst of our personal degradation and volatility all the way around, despite every effort made in defense of the self alone! We continually overlook our ground from which we have emerged and that is, needless to say, through cooperation and interdependence, as opposed to segregation. Succinctly said and asked, as both relational and provisional beingsempty of self-entity or identityhow, then, can we in our proper frame of mind, find justification to embellish the so called 'self' and disregard another? Paradoxically, the egoistic mind (the subjective consciousness that feels, thinks, and wills) as a self-evolving phenomenon is conditioned by externality, while it simultaneously conditions its objectthe worldreactively, spurred and colored by its internal baggage of habit energy or memory.

It is, hence, an apparent truth that our world is fashioned and perpetuated by our internal attitudes! Our attitudes, in turn, intermingle with others' attitudes and we are perpetually and subconsciously affected by a kind of osmosis in which we live and breathe. The more we focus our attention upon dismantling the egocentricity of 'self' insightfully and systematically, the more altruistically intentioned and 'other-centered' we shall become! Above all things, a morally ordered universe of 'equality and reciprocity' calls for an ethically balanced world; it must be launched at the level of the grassroots of  societythe family.               

Let us also be aware, the twin moral principles of 'selflessness'as the 'supreme wisdom' and  'unconditional compassion' are inextricably woven into the sublime tapestry of LOVEequalizing and harmonizing the aggregate picture of life and being. Our intentions and motivations that defy these universal principles only lead us to no gain, but suffering alone. Rest assured, our deed performing world of externality is entirely a projection of compartmentalized thought. Thought, the precursor to good and evil, is a mere conglomeration of human fantasy and ideology rooted in fragmented mental processes. The world, our human reality, therefore, may only be transformed in one direction or another by the conscious choices we make at the level of individuality, slowly but surely, bearing an influence upon the collective for the better or for the worst. 

Today, though, the world cries for help. It is in all sorts of  disarrayclimatically, environmentally, politically, socially, culturally, and economically. This, of course, may be attributed to the psychological confusion that exists in our minds! Regrettably, this state of affairs is stoked by the malady of our erroneously grounded mind of discrimination and falsity of reasoning, thereby, giving rise to consequential and inevitable human psychological imbalances of varying propensities. 

However, if the mind is treated with tender loving carere-directing it to recognize the futility of discriminating thought grounded upon dualistic, false reasoning and imaginationit bears the potential to find healing and transformation; if, in fact, the disturbance in the mind is addressed with thoughtfulness and understanding, societal change for the better and world order will be the automatic consequence! The main disturbance, sadly, is the deeply ingrained self-destructive attitude that looms 'within' and nurtured relentlessly by the counterproductive habit energies (on the most part) of an irrevocable past.  It takes profound understanding and effort to break away from old habit-patterns and deep-rooted prejudices, so that the antidotal 'help to life' virtues may be cultivated with the 'right understanding' and 'right view' in support of our morally grounded human purpose on earth. 

Altruistic motivation and intention, together, are the pivotal keys to recovery from mental disarray and, therefore, peace all the way aroundboth individually and collectively. Altruism is the practice of unconditional loving kindness and compassion⏤seeing through the eyes of all beings of sentience⏤without exceptions. Altruism must begin in the home, within the family, and extended to the immediate family circle⏤gradually expanding to the greater community and society at large. The practice of loving kindness towards all creatures of sentience is the stepping stone to overcoming our human failures. Those who indulge in harming precious lifeclaiming dominion over themcontinue to reman in the darkness of ignorance and denial, feeling the need to justify the choices they make in their foolhardiness.The supreme moral code of the universe, though, is the ultimate ground of justification and may it be known that the character and spiritual evolution of an individual is defined by the way he treats all beings of sentience⏤not limited only to humans. All conclusively, spiritual realization surpasses the intellect that leans on language and expression, imagination, blind belief in religious dogma, and self-gratifying worship. The supreme noble wisdom may only be discerned, contemplatively, by clearing the inclusions of mind and returning to our true and original nature that is awakened and resides at the deepest seat of our consciousness. 

Let us wake up! When we hurt others we hurt ourselves! The substratum of awareness holds and preserves all imprints of particularizing consciousnessas body-speech-mind experiencebringing to bear their due maturation while balancing the equation of 'equality and reciprocity' in our morally ordered universe. 

All things of kaleidoscopic emanation, hence, are none other than being of 'one taste' in the wondrous field of LOVE!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. 

Humanity cries out loud for help!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


Grateful Acknowledgment: Words of Wisdom by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Trapped within the walls of compartmentalized thought word and deed, egotistic minds interactively share a dream-like projection of their psychophysical vibrations as 'name, form, and being'; they wander along meandering and ever-intersecting 'space and time', being continually tested by the conditionings propelled by their own volitional accumulations; diverse shades of intermingling confused mentality perpetuate an ever-heaving, evolving consciousness, bringing to bear the vast scheme of relativity—encompassing the coarsest through the subtlest tiers of existencethrough interdependence and interpenetration

Beguiled under the influence of an ego soul that cherishes the image of a self that is divisive, by nature, the dim-witted travel in time and space. Hence, the surreal experience of 'vitality or presence' as 'wholeness' in 'the here' and 'the now' is overlooked, in the midst of being held captive between two unrealities—the myth (of the past) and the mystery (of the future). The causation of evil sensory outflowings—as opposed to non-outflowing goodis the general tendency of the ego driven mentality. The deeper we are entrenched in infatuation with the self, the more divisive our propensities shall tend to be.

While we experience a sensory body of divisive dualistic perception rooted in the misconception of 'a self', we must unfortunately succumb to our habit energies stored, maintained, and preserved—as memory—in the archive of subconsciousness.

Blinded by the darkness of our fundamental state of human ignorance—grounded in discrimination, differentiation, and dichotomization, our sensory realities are based upon erroneous views. Their very existence is like seeing shadows in the water—upon which we react hopelessly! 

The lack of recognition that the supreme principle of REALITY is the indivisible state of UNITY, SIMPLICITY, and ONENESS—just as space, water, or air that are indivisibleis the reason as to why the ignorant is continually held captive, vacillating between two opposite natures, called subjectivity (as past), and objectivity (as future).

Today, we are witnesses to a whirlpool of confused attitudes and reactions to external stimuli. We search all over in the world of externality for answers, giving little or no consideration to the intuitive dimension of the mind where mystery and magnanimity abides. Let us aspire to pierce the veils of dense and divisive ignorance so we may reach the depths of consciousness where matter dissipates, and the bliss of NOBLE WISDOM MIND alone shall prevail—transcending convoluted divisions, distinctions, and differentiations. 

TRUTH and MEANING is within our reach if, and when, we harness the invincible power of contemplative mindfulness that awaits its cultivation. Regrettably, all other ways and means in search of peace are ego-elevating and ego-gratifying camouflages in the name of goodwill and progress; they are none other than being deterrents to overall advancement while they invariably display and demonstrate our human failures and short sightedness!

In the eyes of WISDOM, thought and expression with respect to 'name and form'—in terms of utterance and logical reasoning—remain in mutual causation in the grand scheme of relativity. It is a time-tested realization, that words or logical reasoning grounded in divisive attention compromise the TRUTH. 

In an ultimate sense, PEACE rests within the mind uncolored by differentiations of body speech and thought. World order and peace is attainable solely by means of a cultivated and balanced attitude from within, but not from without! Let us be reminded, our human experience, called WORLD, remains in direct relation to our state of mind.


Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


I salute to Asha Deliverancean outspoken motherwho raised a child with a heart! 

I salute to Micah Fletcher, Ricky John Best, and  Taliesin Myriddin Namkai Meche of Portland who, together, even as strangers to each other, heroically placed their lives in jeopardy in order to protect human rights in the jaws of hate.

I honor the amazing parents of Richard Collins III who was slain at the University of Maryland and was the victim of a hate crime. 

I pay reverence to all those tragic victims of hate whose precious lives are curtailed without rhyme or reason.

Today, we live in a confused human world filled with anger, aggression, hate, enmity, and many more shades and intensities of temperamental darkness. There has been a surge of sad events in our nation that boasts overall civility in comparison with the rest of the world, but seemingly falls short at the root of rationality. Day in and day out, we wake up to the confused reality of inhuman and savage forms of conduct triggered by seething vexation. This is a very disheartening and demoralizing state of affairs that we, together, are burdened with, today. 

We, are one humanity and one family of sentience indivisibly and inseparably linked by the ever-present breath of LOVE. We share the same flesh, blood, bone, and marrow transcending all illusory discriminations of thought as mental constructs. We surf the waves of life and death in the ocean of eternity; we all wish for happiness regardless of toxic egocentric attitudes and pursuits. It takes a thoughtful shift in our attention, however, to understand the core of our being that lies beyond the multiplicity and diversity of appearances, names, and discriminations. ALTRUISTIC COMPASSION is its character. It is the mirror essence of LOVE; it is untainted and unruffled by all waves of thought. PEACE is its glorious vesture and it is within our reach when we get past our confused mental chatter. 

I once read thus:

"The mind is a garden; in it, we are the gardeners; we can grow flowers or we can grow weeds!"

Eloquently said, it gets to the gist of the conversation! Those of us who are prisoners of our own emotions fanned by the flames of egocentricity and reckless human advocacy will regrettably remain trapped, drained, and drowned in the swamp of dubious and misguided conceptions. While this is the case, weeds alone shall propagate. The only way we may get our bearings together is to  be very enthusiastically engaged peace activists in and around our immediate and extended family settingsthe grassroots of social organization and revitalization. Needless to say, the flowers and fruits of our efforts—by way of body, speech, and mind—may only bring forth their natural consequences assuring us with the promise of non-harm and PEACE!

I am inspired by the words of ASHA DELIVERANCE who transformed her tears of unbearable maternal pain to the joy of indestructible altruistic LOVE. I am equally impressed by the most gracious and noble sentiments expressed by Richard Collin's parents in the wake of their son's unprecedented death at the University of Maryland.

I often question as to why human beings stoop so low to commit atrocities only to demonstrate that they are emotionally impoverished. Many of them show no signs of repentance and it is a gravely disturbing picture. They, most obviously, need help because they are the products of their own conditioning—where the  weight primarily rests upon the parents and immediate family who continually and collectively etch the behavioral code of the future. Innocent bystanders, as well as heroic men and women, intersect with these confused predators at inopportune moments, bringing grief to on-lookers who are imbued with traits of selfless love. 


Let us stand in unison to raise wholesome children with superior human values.

Let there be no callousness demonstrated to cause suffering upon any form of sentience that wishes happiness for its own life.

Let not your children participate in devious, deceptive, and degradable acts that only cause ill-will upon others, not forgetting the environment; if this was the case, you become the architects of the future of destruction, as opposed to spiritual human advancement.

Never nourish your child's intellect with unworthy sensory inputs. Let  them be immersed in curiosity, adventure, and guided research, to understand the mysterious and marvelous interactive facets of nature, called LIFE!

Let your child understand that he/she is an indispensable microcosmic wheel of energy inextricably interconnected and interpenetrated with the vastness of the universal spectrum. The recognition that, 'he/she is the universe' and 'the universe—in all of its magnanimityis  in him/her' is the stepping stone to higher realization. Every wave of intention and action exerts its unfailing imprints of energy in the ocean of consciousness. Our purities and defilements play out in counteractive momentum just like the microbial interactivity that takes place so involuntarily within the organism, called body. We, alone shape our world by our thoughts and actions. Please communicate ideas with sound reasoning and raise your child upon the edifice of wisdom! LOVE alone endures, anything contrary to this pristine nature brings about catabolic effects all the way around.

Let your child know that nature is not reactive (like us humans) but is responsive and adaptable to the presence of all conditions. We have much to learn from nature; nature is our teacher!

Let your child know that nature flexes its muscles in mysterious ways to heal humanity, so we may grow to learn that all differences fade away at times of  dis-ease and catastrophic upheavals. We, thus, arrive home to the base of LOVE that sees no demarcations other than ONENESS!

May you grow to realize that, 'the world rests in the hands of the child' who undergoes formative development through the phases of 0-6, 6-12, and 12-18 years of age. Mental attitude and intellectual aptitude have their roots embedded and anchored in the bedrock of human life. As parents, we have a responsibility to nurture the nature of human development with caring attention GROUNDED UPON ALTRUISTIC COMPASSION ALONE. 


Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life.

Beloved Mom,

I celebrate your spirit through each passing day
With every breath and every step I take!

I see no boundaries or limitations in time and space
To commemorate your heart of LOVE to my very best!

You are 'the reason' for my very being
Grounded in culture and wisdom, so serene!

You are the source of strength
And the flame beneath my intellect
From the very inception of my life, to this day!
No words can express the virtues you reflect
You are beauty and balance
From 'inner' to 'outer', to articulate
Through time and space!

You've been my mentor all the way around
Who steadfastly stood beside my unequaled father
Walking your journey of LOVE!

Together, cherishing your children
While touching their lives
Having sown the seeds of knowledge, soothing and kind
Through experiential waking life!

You have lived the role of mother, let me not forget
Around scores of children on Earth
Who crossed your path
Through time and circumstance

Your selfless acts speak volumes
To this very day
In the hearts and minds of those
Who were truly fortunate!

Today, I am a grateful victor
To treasure the rarest gem in my life
Called, 'My Precious Mother'
Unparalleled, in my eyes, by any other!

May all children grow to be refreshed
With the thought of 'MOTHER'
The very reason that underlies every child's existence
Filled with LOVE eternal, and unconditional!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace.

Humanity cries out loud for help!

Friday, April 14, 2017

RAN30: 30 Years of Rainforest Action Network

Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life.






Dear Friends,

I support every life-centered cause and I passionately endorse the vision of the RAINFOREST ACTION NETWORK! Our unity in this regard is the strength we exert in unanimity to sustain our planet Earth and its colorful inhabitantsnow, and forever! If the natural habitats suffer we, together, suffer! Their ecological balance and harmony essentially defines our overall quality of being. Do keep in mind, we are in it together as 'one species' amidst a multitude of othersreceiving, giving, and sharingin the great scheme, called LIFE! 

Let us be reminded that all aspects in the entire universe operate in mutual causality; therefore, universal order and chaos is never without reason. Myriad intersecting wheels of energyfrom 'the infinitesimal' to 'the infinite'including 'you and me' are the inexorable participants in the dance of LIFE. The vantage points of subjectivity and objectivity dissolve in  light of TRUTH and REALITY. We can never hold sovereignty over nature, while foolishly assuming to be mere spectators of an objective worldmanipulated with selfish motivation, to no avail. NATURE is the OMNIPOTENT UNITY of diverse expressions; every expression is intended to adhere to the synchronistic, ALTRUISTIC WILL of THE COSMIC WHOLE. Every deviationin defiance of this great cosmic rhythm and orderbecomes the inherent and inevitable cause for destructive, or perhaps, cataclysmic natural phenomena. We always wonder about climate change while there are dubious theories generated to justify its causes. Regrettably, all justifications, correlate with the attitudes, mental capacities, and aptitudes of limited human perception. Its takes cultivated deep-lookingabstaining from diverse, deep-seated elements of selfishness to marvel upon our great cosmic treasure that is at the heart of our very being. 


As it is spelled out lucidly above, let us not overlook, misuse, or abuse our natural human endowment. It is not the 'little self' of obscured perceptionlimited in its capacity to see things in light of TRUTHthat must seek to elevate itself. It is 'THE GREAT SELF'vast and supremeas myriad expressions of life, that calls for our deep reverence.


Thank you, for taking the time to reflect upon the UNITY OF OUR VERY BEING!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


Photo Credit to: Timeline Photos

Dear Mark and Priscilla and ALL Parents who Live to Make a Difference in the World,

I am an ardent user of Facebook to spread the seeds of LOVE at all times, whenever possible! Thank you, for this great opportunity via social media to connect with the world, so that people may exercise good judgment to exert their talents uniquely in order to make a healthy difference in humanity.
My lifetime, in particular, has been dedicated to the cause of inspiring children and parents of the world—awakening them to the fundamental truth of compassion upon which all ideals for learning must be grounded. Thanks, with all of my love and gratitude, to my own parents who lived to epitomize superior moral values. As pioneering influences in the field of Montessori, they grounded me in its 'compassion based' philosophy (and psychology) that embraces ‘living to learn’—propped upon the twin virtues of unconditional respect and responsibility towards all things that compose the fabric of LIFE.
Since each and every one of you (naturally aspiring to be very eager young informed parents) stand on a very powerful platform to help shape our world, I ask for your kind advocacy to extend your altruistic heart—raising awareness in humanity about the cultivation and application of the pivotal virtues of kindness, humility, and respect—powered by inclusiveness. 
That said, together, may you lead this world to prevent undue pain and suffering upon all beings of sentience—to include the beautiful, yet, helpless and hopeless creatures that graze our planet Earth's lush and beautiful habitats. May these habitats, in turn, remain protected—undisturbed and unsullied by human exploitation, infiltration, intervention, and destruction—so that their flora and fauna may carry out nature's intended higher purpose for the preservation of all species and our greater environment, THE PLANET EARTH!
I am particularly saddened by the fact that the children of this nation and the world have little or no guidance in this regard—in contemplation of the stark reality that our civilized world continues to be set back by the values of instinctual human conditioning. Today’s children, to say the least, are the unfortunate heirs and beneficiaries to the poor choices of their elders who often remain selfishly motivated to harm and endanger beautiful creatures and their natural environment—in the name of sportsmanship, or otherwise. 
As human parents, bestowed with emotional depth and 'a conscience', may you reflect upon the selfless nature of LOVE that embraces all of life, transcending conceptual demarcations. All creatures, besides humans, feel pain as much as we do; they deserve a chance to live as much as we do. Our spiritual human ascent, as well as endowment, rests unequivocally upon our capacity to practice and realize the principle of COMPASSION that permeates all aspects of life.
In observation of the wisdom that speaks thus, ‘you know the character of a human being by the way he/she treats animals’, I make this plea to you, to become the greatest advocates, especially, in service to the children of the earth. To protect the innocence of all children—by never exposing and de-sensitizing them to the cruelty inflicted upon animals—especially, in their most formative years of life, is to save the world from undue misery! Every little drop of LOVE by which we may touch the ocean of human potential, the further we shall advance towards its healthy transformation.
Altruistic compassion from our very ground of being is the time-tested TRUTH to a better world filled with PEACE and LOVE! 

Thank you, ALL, for taking the time to read my message.

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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