Dear Child Centered, Well-Intentioned Parents,

I would like to emphasize upon our human call to cultivate quality parental attention.

The books titled, 'Compassionate Engaged Parenting as 'A Help to Life" and 'Roots of Moral Sensitivity and the Emerging Tree of Life' have been lovingly authored by me to awaken all parents about the value of useful mentorship and its cultivation on behalf of the child. They may be accessed via the following link:

First and foremost, the suggested books will be useful guides to sharpen your parenting skills along your journey of engaged parenting.

As the next step, it is important that you become a partner in learning and exploration taking every step beside your childas opposed to teaching your child. A child feels truly loved when parents take the time to remain eagerly engaged in their discoveries about 'life', 'being', and 'world'. This is the field of integrated learning when the child and the parent may, together, realize  that all phenomena are the consequences of spontaneous interrelationships incessantly occurrent within one vast play-field of cosmic interdependence. The conventional areas of study known as 'subjects' are, in simplest terms, the diverse perspectives or points of view to discern the magnanimous, indivisible field of interdependenceattributed to be 'the universe.'

Therefore knowledge ought not be segregated or segmented into subject areas, time-slots, standardizations, and academic prescriptions, that are accompanied and compounded with the additional baggage of stress, anxiety, competition, coercion, and a host of subsidiary negative emotions. Let learning thrive by means of interactively engaged five-sense experience as the foundation for all abstractions and extractions in terms of conceptual thought processes that take place later in life, especially after 6-12 years of age.

I will continually add information that correspond to my collection of published books that are also made available via this blog. Every book is a form of a guided presentation for the purpose of engaged partnerships in discovering our world. Explorations must be pursued along areas of mutual interest. Therefore, my presentations are systematically analyzed to support diverse partnerships at mind-centered levels of interest. 


Nelunika Gunawaredana Rajapakse

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