Monday, November 26, 2018


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


Gratitude for LIFE!

I remain humbled today, and every day, that I am able to livebreathing, speaking, and loving life—while moving freely!

I marvel at the fact that I am able to stand, walk, bend, twist, skip, hop, bounce, or run as I wish—in my own capacity!

I cherish the moments when I can sit, stretch myself flat, or lie down to rest.

I am thankful to be bestowed, uniquely, with other natural gifts of life—to sing or dance in rhythmic momentum through time-sensitive opportunity.

I humbly accept whatever life presents through every passing moment—sublimely teaching me the lessons to be learned to my utmost perfection—testing my patience, tolerance, forgiveness, forbearance, and benevolent compassion.

Gratitude for the Unifying Principles of the Universe

I am filled with gratitude for being able to nourish my body with Mother Earth's supple and bountiful offerings of unconditional LOVEfor all of LIFE—by way of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and legumes, infused with rainbow energy!

It is my highest aspiration not to find self-gratification by causing ill-will upon other beings of sentience—for I have come to realize that other's happiness is my happiness and vice versa—in keeping with the inscrutable universal principle of 'equality and reciprocity' that prevails, infinitely.

I solemnly accept the peaceful presence of the four magnanimous wonders (of earth, water, fire, and air) when they interactively present each moment, as the UNIVERSE of experience—quite contrary to their wrathful manifestations when it is time to remind and heal us humanity of our ONENESS that transcends all mental constructs, by way of distinctions and differentiations!

I am mesmerized knowing that I am sustained in body and mind by these exalted energies—in the form of solidity, fluidity, motility and warmth—physically and physiologically, as well as mentally (by attitude), and psychologically, (by temperament).

Gratitude for Being 'Who I Am' in BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT!

I remain in mindfulness, always, with implicit respect for my sensory body, while guarding the windows of my mind—my sense-bases—from the bombardment of toxic external stimuli. I vow silently to be non-reactive, but rather, being responsive to all adversitiesenvironmentally, and all adversaries and negative influences—socially.

My heart is caressed, from one moment to the next, when I read, write, and reflect upon my purpose in lifein addition to nourishing and nurturing my intellect with peaceful mental stimulation to its ultimate potential.

I feel overjoyed when I consciously emulate an altruistic attitude in my thoughts, words, and deeds—aspiring to offer my best to fellow beings who may appreciate or seek my support.

I value my ability to express my thoughts meaningfullyas a help to lifewith my prehensile aptitudes and artistic talents!

I do my utmost never to take life for granted while am fully aware that I am an indispensable filament of vibration in the vast and inconceivable cosmic symphonic ballet—of interconnectedness, interdependence, and interpenetration. 

'How may I make a healthy difference in the Great Dance of LIFE?' is my voice, in silence and solitude, for I am fully aware that I am deeply responsible for the happiness of the 'WHOLE' of ONENESSof SELFLESSNESSas opposed to gratifying my selfish desires.

I dwell in contemplation and introspection through each infinite moment, realizing the precious nature of my very 'being and becoming' that intersects with all aspects of life—as they continually remain in mutual causality. As a mortal, I recognize that I must succumb to 'the forces of conditioning' brought to bear by the latent accumulations of thought, word, and deed—effected both individually and collectively.

Gratitude to My Family

I pay homage, day and night, to my dearly beloved parentsDionicious and Mildred Gunawardenawho lived their lifetimes epitomizing 'the wisdom of selflessness' and 'altruistic compassion'. Ialong with my siblings, spouse, and childrenfeel truly blessed to be their natural continuations aspiring to bring out the best of our cultural and spiritual heritage—by way of thought, word, and deed. I treasure these precious members of my family for their gentle dispositions, aptitudes, talents, and altruistically-oriented aspirations.

I am also grateful for other kindred beings who have intersected with my life—in one way or anotheras my extended family.

Gratitude to My Human Family

I remain in wonder and awe for my beautiful human family of kaleidoscopic diversity and multiplicityby way of appearancesupon the ground of UNITY, or ONE ESSENCE. 

Succinctly expressed, I have come to recognize that our human experiencesas joys and rejoices, trials and tribulations, successes and failuresare none other than being the consequences we perpetually bring to bear by the choices we make by our thoughts, words, and deeds, of limited, imprudent perception.

While I understand that the universe is 'whole and complete' in the momentuntainted by subjectivity and associated viewsit bears the potential to illumine LIFE with UNCONDITIONALITY and ALL-ENCOMPASSING EQUALITY.

To embrace my deep interconnectedness with all of humanity is my own personal awakening; it is my conviction that groping in the darkness of 'separateness' is to be blinded by fundamental ignorance that is self-affirming and self-depreciating. 

Gratitude to My Sentient Family

I extend my loving kindness and altruistic compassion to all beings of conditioned sentience that inhabit the cosmos—human or otherwise, large or small, powerful or weak, visible or invisible—each of which wields an oar in one way, or another, to live its sublime universal purpose being engaged collaboratively to steer the web of LIFE to infinity.

As a human, from a spiritual vantage point—surpassing the limits of my selfish intellect—I hold every precious sentient 'form' or 'pulsation' very dear to my heart knowing that we, together, are indispensably linked by the sole breath of LOVE.

It is my recognition that LOVE is SELFLESS, OMNISCIENT and ALL-TRANSCENDENT. LOVE veiled by subjective attitudes as diverse forms of selfish love—biological love, lustful love, instinctual love, and so on—inhibits dim-witted mortals from seeing ULTIMATE TRUTH and REALITY that transcends self-focused walls of mind.

Gratitude to the Environment 

I look upon the environment—as 'the here' and 'the now' within the global tapestry of LOVEas my extended sensory body of manifestation reflecting the aura of its partakers. As to how I am continually influenced by the environment rests upon the nature of my viewing apparatus, as well as the quality of attention I give to it, to the best of my human potentialwith deep reverence and responsibility.

In keeping with the ever-prevalent and reigning Moral Principle of the Universeof WISDOM AND COMPASSION—nature incessantly flexes its muscles of 'selfless magnanimity and wonder' awakening us with 'lessons of healing' when spiritual deterioration and degeneration persists. It is my passionate desire to cultivate my higher mindwith mindfulness—being benevolently charitable to my extended body, the environment, unadulterated by exploitative abuse of it.

 Serving My Human Purpose on Earth

It is my highest realization that my human time on Earth is just 'a speck' along the course towards infinity. The 'I' and 'mine' that I seemingly cherish as 'body and mind' withers away irrevocably through the unfolding phases—of material origination, evolution, decline, and dissolution. I may only aspire to be 'full' with cultivated virtuosity and 'useful' to all other fellow beings on Earth with my benevolent heart—shaping the course of my destinyharmonized by LOVE.

All the many roles I play as 'son or daughter', 'father or mother', 'brother or sister', 'friend or acquaintance', and all the many vestures I assume in lifeprofessionally or occupationally—are simply put, lessons of sublime healing to bring me home to my primordial nature of SELFLESSNESS. Be that as it may, I do my best to live my human purpose on EARTH with benevolent COMPASSION.

 Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom… to make a difference in the tapestry of life.



The sensory 'mind-body' is a spontaneous psychophysical expression fashioned by 'subjective attitude'⏤colored and conditioned by the ever-looming 'three fires of self-perpetuation' or 'the evil out-flowings' of body, speech, and mind (propelled by the five-grasping aggregates of 'being and becoming'), while 'self-ignorance' persists as described herein:

  1. passion/lustful greed (attraction to that which is self-serving)
  2. aversion/aggression (detraction from what is not self-serving) 
  3. delusion/fundamental ignorance (remaining in denial of the TRUTH⏤that embodies the all-transcendent principle of 'selflessness')

Therefore, as to being 'who we are' is none else, but a 'mind-body' continuum⏤an uninterrupted five-step psychophysical process of 'being and becoming'enumerated as follows:
  1. form/appearance 
  2. feeling/sensation⏤as pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral 
  3. perception⏤of emotive nature⏤as pleasure (of likes), displeasure (of dislikes), or neutrality
  4. conception⏤of conceptual nature⏤of discrimination/volition/memory/cognition 
  5. all of the above operating in concert as mentation⏤or consciousness in flux; it is a constant stream of maturation of latent 'volitional seed-imprints'⏤of 'craving and attachment' in the form of habit energies⏤stored and preserved in the ever-evolving repository of 'the sub-conscious'  descending from beginning less time.
Again, as to being 'who we are' is the very evolving consciousness of bundled-up memories or 'habit energies', cumulatively known as the EGO SOUL, assuming 'the notion of a self' and its 'belongings'⏤by way of body, property and abode.


Primarily, the sentient 'mind-body' is a process and a coalescence or fusion of four wondrous cosmic energies⏤symbolized by the following substances: 
  • of resistance⏤symbolized by a substance⏤called the earth element (as solidity/rigidity of relative hardness or softness)
  • of cohesion⏤symbolized by a a substance⏤called the water element (as fluidity/malleability of relative viscosity as 'flowing or pasting') 
  • of transmutation⏤symbolized by a substance⏤called the fire element (as warmth of relative temperature⏤of hotness or coldness) 
  • of motion⏤symbolized by a substance⏤called the air element (as motility or movement⏤of relative expansion or contraction) 
First and foremost, the 'mind-body' is a constellation of psychophysical energy in constant flux, fashioned and balanced by the four aforementioned wondrous cosmic energies at perpetual interplay. 

Secondly, it is constitution of substances by means of which we experience our empirical world (the self and its instrumental world)⏤in terms of organic and inorganic matter⏤infinitely conditioned by our thoughts and emotions as a complex network of biophysical charges and biochemical processes. Essentially, it is a perpetually transient metabolic expression of our thoughts⏤as cellular and organic systems and processes.

Thirdly, from a cosmic purview, it is an electromagnetic symphony of psychophysical vibrations and harmonics bio-rhythmically aligned as 'personality' and 'universality'. There is an underlying symmetry that exists between the two⏤as 'EGO', (the subject or 'the inner') and 'its instrumental WORLD (the object', or 'the outer'). The objective world of 'multiplicity and diversity' is, in fact, the macrocosmic operating field of sensory consciousness⏤grounded in ego-driven subjectivity. Thus, if there was no 'self' or 'subject', there exists no object, called world!


To reiterate, we are the psychophysical outcroppings⏤reflected upon as "the five-aggregates' or 'five-clusters' that make up personality'⏤operating in tandem:

  1. of form⏤composed of the eighteen elements of being 
  • the six sense-bases or organs⏤eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind 
  • the six sense-objects⏤of sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and mental concepts 
  • the six sense-consciousness(es)⏤of visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile, and mind-consciousness 
  1. of feeling/sensation⏤as pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral 
  1. of perception⏤of emotive nature⏤as pleasure (by way of likes), displeasure (by way of dislikes), or neutrality
  1. of conception⏤discriminating intelligence/mental formations/cognition/volition/memory
  1. of mentation⏤overall consciousness

The aforementioned five aggregates are fashioned  by four indispensable, ineluctable nutriments.

These four forms of nutriments bear the seeds of the past, the present, and the future of our very 'being and becoming'

Therefore, it is important that we look deeply so we may nourish the body, mind, and spirit with these wholesome nutriments!

  • Edible food
  • Five-sense impressions
  • Volition
  • Consciousness

Edible Food is our most basic form of sustenance at the coarse/gross level of the body. The key to one's health and destiny, though, rests upon the way we choose to use the mouthby personal choice and selection. 

Our desires for food consumptionby way of eating and drinkingare driven by the need for general sense-appeasement. The mouth and its taste-buds play the primary role in this regard. The preference of taste and flavor emblazoned uniquely by shape, size, color, smell, density, texture and temperaturesadly takes precedence over 'satisfying the needs of the body'. Very often, we remain in denial of what the body requires and yearns for its overall health and well-being. The stubborn fact remains that 'our microcosmic living world of the body' is an intrinsic organic property and a process of the universecomposed of inorganic substanceswhile being propelled by evolutionary principles. It shares the nature of the universe and awaits being nurtured and sustainedwith harmony and balance by means of carefully absorbed vital energy, derived from potent nutrients of the physical/vegetal world. However, this essential truth is overshadowed by the habit energy of momentary pleasure sought.  Consequently, uncontrolled gluttony, negligence, and heedless ignorance pose to be the seeming cooperative conditions that perpetuate dis-ease, bringing about pain and suffering. As the sayings go, "we are what we eat" and '' the roots of all disease lie in the mouth"!

Sense Impressions are perpetual food as the breeding ground for thought; thought processes give rise to habit patterns that continually fashion our personality traits and, in turn, form and mold our character. Therefore, the exercise of mindfulnesswith regard to the quality and type of sensory inputis essential towards the preservation of equilbrium between the body, mind, and spirit. Non-toxic sensory matter may only assure us with the promise of overall peacefulness. Let us not forget, the senses belong to the mind; they are mind's windows to the world! They deserve to be guarded with prudence and mindfulnessopening them to embrace purity, and shutting them to what is unworthy and defiled.

Volition has its roots in our deepest desires or motivation.  It is the ever-propellant force of mind that 'wills' through day and night to think, speak and act.  However, if desires originate from the darkness of afflictive emotions and consequential thought processes, a precious human life will  be doomed with misery. On the contrary, if desires are grounded in the brilliance of altruistic intention and compassion, an eternally joyful life will be the spontaneous revelationin terms of our mortal experience. 

The desire or aspiration to transform oneselffrom darkness to brillianceis a noble path to undertake, and a realizable truth. When such a virtuous aspiration finds inward realization, a shift in our personal attention becomes self-evident in regard to all things. Very spontaneously, therefore, the quality of the outer world becomes a mere projection of the inner world; essentially, the 'outer' will only be reflective of the conceptual and emotional clarity or clutter/confusion that looms 'within'. From this vantage point, it is reasonable to say that entire societies have the potential to be transformed 'little by little', if and when the inner world has been discerned and looked upon with deep respect. Above all, the very apparent  emerging attitudecolored and conditioned by 'the inner taste of being'sets the pace for all 'outer states of being'

The transformation of hate, enmity, envy, jealousy, and aggression, to say the least, into loving kindness,  sympathetic joy, forbearance, understanding, and reconciliation is a marvelous practice of wholesome volitionas 'the superfood' to healing the mind and its metabolic imprint, called the body.

Wholesome volition, it must be emphasized, is the noble way to end divisive thought, speech, and action.

It is the only avenue through which the mind is steered towards a deep sense of equality and democracyin consideration of all human rights and social justice.

It is the realization of 'freedom' or 'liberty' centered at the heart of TRUTH! 

Consciousness, in a collective sense, is the 'seed-depository' or 'storehouse' of energy and information; it is the universal archive that contains, receives, retains, preserves, maintains, and processes the seed-imprints of 'purity and defilement'while they most naturally and inevitably remain in counteractive gridlock and in eternal flux. Consciousness at its surface of manifestationsin alignment with causes and cooperative conditionsmay be best expressed or regarded as 'the ever-heaving waves of interactive energy' springing upon the still ocean of 'essence' MIND. All of 'form and being', thus, are the unrelenting oscillationsas 'waves-forms' of energyintermingling and interpenetrating with one another. From a very fundamental perspective we, together, share 'a collective consciousness' whereby we live, breathe, and consume through a kind of osmosis.

Our notions and concepts in relation to ethics and morality (in terms of good and evil, virtues and vices, and so forth) are products of our collective consciousness. We are naturally influenced by the thoughts and conditions prevalent within the aggregate consciousness that surrounds usby way of family, community, city, state, nation, or world!

Therefore, it is in our best interest to find ways to nurture our nature within a well-intentioned collective consciousness that reveres as well as fosters holistic values and ideals acknowledged as being inclusive and other-centered, while being individually self-respecting.

Let us look deeply to nourish the trinity of our very 'being'in body, mind, and spiritwith the four aforementioned quintessential nutriments.

Let us, together, change our world for the better 'little by little, at a time'by making a healthy shift in our inner attentionso we may re-adjust the way we look upon things,  simply expressed, as attitude!

 Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


On this occasion, I commemorate
Your spirit serene
Having experienced it, day after day
From the very inception of my life
Through maturity, to no end!

Love and compassion

You did emanate
Unparalleled in every way
In body, speech, and thought
From dawn to dusk
Touching the children you bore...
Not forgetting your grandchildren, of course...
While never discounting all children
Who crossed your path!
That was the caliber
Of your devoted heart

This is how I will always remember you,

Through evolving time, eternal

Always brimming with effervescence

and humble exuberance
You reached out to children on earth
with equal love and attention
Such was the hallmark of your life's tenor!

Dear Mother, if I were to describe you

You were my idol, besides my noble father

You were my protective shade
Through unfolding all-weather

You were my faithful mentor, 
By life-habit and example

You were my unmatched confidant 
In happiness and in distress

You were my nourisher and nurturer, 
In body, mind, and spirit, mortal

You were my doctor, as well as my nurse, 
Around the clock⎯with love, unconditional

You were my daily breath
Of sweet affection, incomparable

You were my life-model, by disposition,
Of glowing beauty, simplicity
And charismatic splendor!

Above all, you were my terrestrial goddess then, 
and celestial goddess now, and forever! 

Mother, you are unforgettable!
I feel so very blessed
Having been your only daughter
Besides two precious sons...
When we celebrated MOTHER'S DAY
Through each and every passing day
Unhindered by time-demarcations

May every child on earth
Grow to revere the thought of 'MOTHER'

She is the greatest TREASURE
Unsurpassed by any other

She is the SYMBOL
Of LOVE, eternal

She is the sole INCUBATOR
Of growth and advancement
By affection, warmth, and endearment 

In the absence of MOTHER
There exists no world.

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. 

Humanity cries out loud for help.

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