Tuesday, June 20, 2017


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Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


Grateful Acknowledgment: Words of Wisdom by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

Trapped within the walls of compartmentalized thought word and deed, egotistic minds interactively share a dream-like projection of their psychophysical vibrations as 'name, form, and being'; they wander along meandering and ever-intersecting 'space and time', being continually tested by the conditionings propelled by their own volitional accumulations; diverse shades of intermingling confused mentality perpetuate an ever-heaving, evolving consciousness, bringing to bear the vast scheme of relativity—encompassing the coarsest through the subtlest tiers of existencethrough interdependence and interpenetration

Beguiled under the influence of an ego soul that cherishes the image of a self that is divisive, by nature, the dim-witted travel in time and space. Hence, the surreal experience of 'vitality or presence' as 'wholeness' in 'the here' and 'the now' is overlooked, in the midst of being held captive between two unrealities—the myth (of the past) and the mystery (of the future). The causation of evil sensory outflowings—as opposed to non-outflowing goodis the general tendency of the ego driven mentality. The deeper we are entrenched in infatuation with the self, the more divisive our propensities shall tend to be.

While we experience a sensory body of divisive dualistic perception rooted in the misconception of 'a self', we must unfortunately succumb to our habit energies stored, maintained, and preserved—as memory—in the archive of subconsciousness.

Blinded by the darkness of our fundamental state of human ignorance—grounded in discrimination, differentiation, and dichotomization, our sensory realities are based upon erroneous views. Their very existence is like seeing shadows in the water—upon which we react hopelessly! 

The lack of recognition that the supreme principle of REALITY is the indivisible state of UNITY, SIMPLICITY, and ONENESS—just as space, water, or air that are indivisibleis the reason as to why the ignorant is continually held captive, vacillating between two opposite natures, called subjectivity (as past), and objectivity (as future).

Today, we are witnesses to a whirlpool of confused attitudes and reactions to external stimuli. We search all over in the world of externality for answers, giving little or no consideration to the intuitive dimension of the mind where mystery and magnanimity abides. Let us aspire to pierce the veils of dense and divisive ignorance so we may reach the depths of consciousness where matter dissipates, and the bliss of NOBLE WISDOM MIND alone shall prevail—transcending convoluted divisions, distinctions, and differentiations. 

TRUTH and MEANING is within our reach if, and when, we harness the invincible power of contemplative mindfulness that awaits its cultivation. Regrettably, all other ways and means in search of peace are ego-elevating and ego-gratifying camouflages in the name of goodwill and progress; they are none other than being deterrents to overall advancement while they invariably display and demonstrate our human failures and short sightedness!

In the eyes of WISDOM, thought and expression with respect to 'name and form'—in terms of utterance and logical reasoning—remain in mutual causation in the grand scheme of relativity. It is a time-tested realization, that words or logical reasoning grounded in divisive attention compromise the TRUTH. 

In an ultimate sense, PEACE rests within the mind uncolored by differentiations of body speech and thought. World order and peace is attainable solely by means of a cultivated and balanced attitude from within, but not from without! Let us be reminded, our human experience, called WORLD, remains in direct relation to our state of mind.


Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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