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The Universe of Conditioned Perception and Perpetuation

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Governed by Three Cosmic Principles

 The Ethical/Moral Principle

 The Ontological Principle

 The Soteriological Principle

The above noted are dimensions of significance that transcend the physical world. 

There prevails a cosmic order inaccessible to scientific investigation. Primarily, the ethical moral law and order - that lies beyond the physical/ biological domains - holds sway over our deeds. The course of destiny is thus defined by our cumulative deeds.

Self perpetuation and volition operate within the dynamic cosmic law and order - as orderliness - over and beyond the threshold of sensory perception.

The Principle of Moral Equilibrium is held between our actions and quality of perception - under the twin domains of perpetuation and volition. This equilibrium is sustained in continuum as 'streams of consciousness' transcending gross body-mind. Moral justice ultimately prevails regulating seeds and fruits of volition.

A subjective sense of moral justice reflects an objective reality. Thus, a principle of moral equilibrium is built into the very experience of reality or actuality. Essentially, our wholesome and unwholesome actions bear the potential to rebound upon ourselves.

Our cumulative deeds are lasting impressions that transform the wave continuum of consciousness as 'streams' in perpetual formation, evolution, preservation, and dissolution - when cooperative conditions prevail.

Far from being a projection of our subjective ideals, the moral law locks our volitional actions into moral conditioning. It is a cosmic order that is perfectly objective in that it functions independently of our desires, views, and beliefs.

Conforming to the principle of ethics (moral order) we align ourselves with the universal law (Dharma) of righteousness and truth which stands at the core of the cosmos.

The Ontological Principle deals with understanding the nature of being.

  • It is a process of perpetuation under the principal of conditionality

  • It is regulated by different orders of causation - layered and tiered in such a manner that higher orders of causation may exercise dominion over the lower ones.

  • The order of volition - kamma - that governs the process of perpetuation (rebirth) is a higher order of causation beyond the range of investigation by ordinary empirical means; it intersects with the the lower orders of physical biological causation bending their energies towards the fulfillment of its own potential.

  • Interwoven with the vast complex web of conditionality, our deeds produce their consequences just as naturally as seeds in a field, bringing forth their blossoms and fruits.

  • Consciousness and world co-exist in a relationship of mutual creation; no consciousness arises without a body as a physical support and world as its sphere of cognition; by the same token, no physical organism and world as its sphere of cognition arises without some type of consciousness to constitute them. Neither mind, nor matter, can be regarded as the precedent.

  • Mind, however, is the forerunner in terms of mental activity (as volitional stock) that steers the stream of perpetuation - called consciousness - from a past to a future.

  • As distinguishing features and faculties, a stream of evanescent acts of consciousness made of evanescent units are fused into a unified whole by means of causal relations between all the occasions of consciousness in any individual continuum. Each occasion of consciousness inherits (at a deeper level) from its predecessor, the entire volitional legacy of that particular stream.

  • Every volitional deed leaves behind a subtle imprint upon the onward flowing stream of consciousness. This is seed that will bear the fruit of its potential that matches its ethical/moral quality. The volitional seeds in the mental continuum remains dormant or latent until cooperative conditions arise. The order of the cosmos generates the realm of consciousness that provides the field for the fruition of its potential.

  • At the deepest level, all individual streams of consciousness are integrated into a single all-embracing matrix that emanates the sum quality of accumulations of all living beings as they intersect criss-crossing, overlapping and merging. Ignorance and craving, the twin roots of perpetuation - through successive modes of formation and dissolution - will propel the streams of consciousness as seeds and fruits in realm and form.

The Soteriological Principle is in relation to final liberation from craving and grasping. 

  • There are five spiritual qualities to be attained: faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom.
  • The four celestial abodes of loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity  define the path of purity towards the eventual liberation from all conditioned being.

The preceding discussion is an insightful analysis in relation to the order of the cosmos from a spiritual perspective. It is a compelling and intriguing presentation in view of our world of 'conditioned being and becoming'.  It is food for thought for any, or all, of us with investigative insight. If you derive a benefit from this knowledge, please share this wisdom with others who may put this knowledge to good use. 

 Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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