Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom… to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 

Remembering My Dad, My Hero⏤Regal,
 Humble at Heart, and Lovingly Kind!

Thirty-three years ago
On this day of July 28, 1986
A Comfortless emptiness 
Pervaded my heart 
Seeing my precious and loving dad depart 
Waking me to the eerie knock on my soul, alas!

An unprecedented and uncanny darkness
Took over my mind
Never to be the same vivacious spirit
I have known of myself
Since the very inception of my life

A million tears shed
Mourning over my loss
Sobbing helplessly and hopelessly
Never brought solace, that lasts!

My life’s course changed forever
Aspiring to probe
Into the mystery of ‘being’ and ‘non-being’
So I may find the root of my soul

Through unfolding eternal time
Day after day
Vigor and valor held the rhythm 
Of my inner motivation
Propelled by intuition 
In search of TRUTH, the answer

Where is my dear one?
Seemingly gone, forever
Yet, there is a mystery
To be uncovered
Beyond mundane fervor

The river of my life
Courses through the space-time dimension
Surging across the bends, twists, bumps, and curves
Of many revelations

The river’s contents are replenished
From one moment, to the next
In accordance with the nature⏤of the perceiving mindset

From mental turbidity to clarity
The river brings the promise of crystallized TRUTH
My beloved father, I now know
Neither came, nor went! 

For I realize I have been caught, mistakenly
Between birth and death
Trapped in the illusion of ‘SELF’ 
And what belongs to SELF
Though the REALITY is far deeper 
Than the myth—called SELF

The TRUTH prevails, unfailingly
Since all beings are the modulations
Of ONE LOVE—unconditional
Devoid of attachmentto changing appearances!
Birth and death are just surreal manifestations
Until SELF is dispelled
With calm abiding and investigative attention

MIND—undifferentiated—the OCEAN
Of omniscience⏤infinite! 
Mind⏤differentiated⏤of manifest 
Multiplicity and Diversity
Of phenomenal revolutions
By sensory perception⏤finite

MIND—the OCEAN⏤the dancer,  
Ruffled and stirred
In response to the 'winds of KARMA'⏤or 'objectivity'
Spurred by sensory perception 
Of 'apprehender'⏤'apprehended' duality
Setting off waves of mentality
Upon the surface of the MIND OCEAN⏤of magnanimity!

Waves of multiplicity⏤
In diversity of appearance
Merging into one another
Across the causal field of relativity and mutuality
Interdependence⏤the precursor, of every phenomenon! 

All in the ONE, and ONE in the All
From the purview of insightful intelligence!

My attachments—called by many names
Are the waves upon the MIND OCEAN—as processes of ‘being’
Evolving while conditions are present
By the power of attraction
And dissolving when conditions are absent
Until I wake up from the long night of SAMSARA

While it is more than three decades
Since my beloved dad’s passing,
And nearly two decades 
Since my wondrous mom’s passing
I no longer mourn, in vain
But celebrate their presence in me, and my siblings
Not forgetting, our off-spring!

This is where I am, today
Coursing through a higher level of vibration
Than what I have been, yesterday!
Attempting to soar higher⏤through contemplation
This is the only way to liberation!

For while I remain bobbing atop the OCEAN —in SAMSARA
My attachments are far from being dispelled 
Yet, I live in the light of TRUTH
That my parents never really went away!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. 

Humanity cries out loud for help.

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