Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Awareness, and Its Cultivation, is Supreme!

Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life.

Thus, I Share My Personal Reflection

I am grateful to stand erect and upright upon earth, our great mother

Having evolved through time immemorial,

I bow to all things that have converged to condition my very being

 not forgetting all other beings and forms

 as participants of the great scheme of interdependence.

My past is 'my present' that upholds my future!

I aspire to evolve in body-mind-spirit so that I remain grounded

 in the spaciousness of mind,

 transcending the follies of matter related mind.

This moment, 'the present', is the daunting truth or reality.

It is the point of intersection

 at the crossroads of 'the past' and 'the future'.

Right now, in this speck of time

and right here, in this point in space

 I  bow or prostate to to all that is!

I acknowledge all events in life 

as they have intersected precisely

 to bring forth the fruits of global co-existence

As a spectrum of mind

Tainted by perceptual volatilities.

I understand I am just a presence 'in transience' through time and space

 though of indispensable value

 in this magnanimous field of interdependence.

I accept all things the way they are

for they have manifested in redemption

 of the inevitable imprints of ageless, timeless, past action

strong or weak, pure or defiled!

I hold myself personally accountable for my thoughts, words, and deeds

The seed impressions I continue to deposit or sow

in the fertile seed-bed of my mind, as 'memory'

best described as, 'the current of evolution'

await to bring reaction or fruition while gathering momentum to ignite,

 when conditions deem right,

through unfathomable space and time.

I accept that all seeds in kind, of both matter and mind

grow and bear fruit in equal kind.

My actions of purity charge up my current of evolution

 bringing forth the fruits of happiness or pleasure.

My actions of defilement weaken my force of mind

bearing the fruits of pain and suffering.

I affirm that LOVE must be unbiased

untainted by self-elevation or self absorption

Wisdom of Awareness, Luminous

  and the Brilliance of unconditional Compassion

Seeing through all eyes of perception, without exception

is the pivotal truth in attainment of

the highest state of bliss 

that supersedes all emotional volatilities.









Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

To Shatter The Veils of Illusion

Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life.

 Is to Overcome


 Our Intrinsic Human Condition of Ignorance

  Setting the Wheel in Motion

  In Adherence to

 The Supreme Law of the Universe

that unceasingly epitomizes

 the wisdom of Selfless Empty Essence

 and the brilliance of compassion

Through the observance of morality

Awakening us to be engaged in charitable action

by way of right understanding in view of the nature of interdependence,

  transience, and impermanence in existence

by way of
right thought 

being other-centered, as opposed to being self-centered

And its activation through mindfulness 


  by way of right word causing no ill-will

by way of right deed devoid of misdemeanor

by way of right-livelihood causing no harm to all beings

 and forms of sentience

Finally to attain the wisdom of true knowledge 


by way of vigor and valor, perseverance and persistence

by way of sustained mindfulness

by way concentration

by way of meditative insight

In sum, to reap all-pervasive wisdom and compassion


Seeing through all eyes of perception 

As fellow beings that treasure their existence, as much as we do

Bestowing them with equal LOVE

Without analysis and judgment

Without contempt, prejudice, or ill will

Without bias or discrimination

Without conditionality

Thus, shunning all walls of mind

Shattering egoistic misconceptions

By way of self-elevation, self-absorption, and self preservation

Thus, we shall follow the Noble Path of Transcendence!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let us Live Up to Our Natural Human Endowment

Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 

Instinctual Tendencies
 Do Not Pertain to Human Kind!

Conditioning spans through time immemorial; it is the river of 'form' 'being' and 'becoming' as an unbroken causal chain of events, simultaneously of two natures - the individual and the collective. 

Our human cultural heritage, essentially, may be looked upon from two perspectives - either as a conglomeration of diverse patterns of conditioning, or as differentiations by way of causal conditionings, with their accompanying effects and consequences.

We, together, bear the ultimate responsibility to rejuvenate every filament of life with our purified forces of mind - as the seeds of LOVE we may sow, and the happy fruits we may reap. We, as parents, are bestowed with rightful blessings to re-shape the world by demonstrating exemplary human qualities so as to insulate the child from unworthy habitual energies of violence towards life, and nature.

Let us join hands to live up to our natural endowment of the human spirit, to 'LOVE', surpassing instinctual habitual patterns. Morality pertains to human kind. However, it has its primary roots embedded in the family, beginning with 'family values'.

The world, or our greater reality called universe, is a mere reflection of this poignant truth - just as our body's health is directly related to the equilibrium held within every cell that, in turn, plays a vital role in sustaining 'the organism' as well as 'the organization' called body.

 Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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