Wednesday, June 21, 2023


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


Thirty-Seven years ago, on July 28,1986 
I was shattered beyond words
having learned about your demise, 
in a land far away
from where we, the family, did reside.

You were my very blessed father
whose desire was fulfilled
to pass away in your motherland
where much of your memories lived

Your disappearance, then, was our deep loss
In our inability to recognize 
that 'emptiness' permeates
the nature of 'being and becoming'

⏤the constant in LIFE 
subjected to the moral law of causality 
in operation, upon the field 
of interdependence and coexistence
in space and time

Today, I realize, 
after much reflection and insight
that you are present 
in every bout of my human experience
unobstructed by demarcations
and differentiations of material kind

My beloved father, 
each time I think, speak, and act
you are my conditioning spirit
beside my mother
traveling with me in space and time
while I am inseparably bound
and discretely fashioned
by the cumulative corporeal rhythms
of all beings of sentience
sharing the cosmic matrix
from beginning less time

I remember 
through my maturing phases
from childhood through adulthood 
that you held a special place in my heart
as the most commanding presence 
in my lifeunsurpassed by any other

with the exception of my wondrous mother

I was your one and only daughter
your faithful ambassador 
your ever-ready advocate 
and unexcelled admirer 
in all weather and through all strides

My father, your regal presence, then 

and the ever-lasting imprints 

of all your virtuous expressions

laid in my heart 

by way of body-speech-mind

will only grow the roots of virtue in me

through the eternity of time

I cherish my childhood memories

together with my two loving brothers

when you showered us 

with your unconditional affection

tempered with fatherly discipline and devotion

while you rose up to the occasion

to play the role of both father and mother

especially in the absence of my mother 

while she was away, overseas

in Englandin 1957 

and in USAin 1967

in pursuit of her dreams and ambitions

for the sole betterment of the family

I remember how you read books

every afternoon after the mid-day meal

engaging the attention and interest

of your three young children 

who sat beside you with childhood fervor 

and enthusiasm 

We were each just six, seven, 

and ten years of age, then 

in our childhood home in Polhengoda

a modest suburb of Colombo, Ceylon

I remember the wholesome lifestyle we led

imbued with simplicity and moderation

sitting together at the table with you, my father 

in the company of my mother and brothers 

for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

You cherished my mother’s gift

of loving and nurturing with warmth

being gracefully served with food 

in the order of seniority

I remember how you fed us each 

a spoonful of Cod Liver Oil

each night after dinner

while we were young and tender

silently assuring us the gift 

of health and vitality

I remember how you imparted 

your fatherly advice

to your three children with heartfelt emotion

the night before my day in matrimony

You  directed your special attention 

upon each of us

making your solemn plea 

that we sustain our loving,

giving, and caring for each other

⏤in all weather

through the entirety of our lives

while we played our sacred sibling roles 

as two brothers and a sister

Indeed, father, we are your faithful heirs

looking up at you and our mother 

with deep reverence

To this day, each of us three siblings 

live to protect each other

This great gift of caring 

held between siblings 

with unconditional love and respect 

has been passed on 

to our precious children

Father, you epitomized charity, morality, 

calm abiding and enduring wisdom

by your very demeanor, like no other

Your resolute quality of extending 

unwavering kindness and compassion

towards your fellow humans 

as well as all other beings of sentience 

fashioned our character surely, by example

We are who we are today, 

because of you⏤our beloved father 

You journeyed along the path of parenting 

along with our mother

with amazing grace and honor

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. 

Humanity cries out loud for help.

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