Monday, February 22, 2016


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 

Must be Upheld with Ethical Balance
 and Responsibility

Parenthood is a uniquely bestowed blessing to be cherished with gratitude in our human condition. Unequivocally, it is every child's birthright to feel loved and nurtured, unconditionally, by the parent. 

A child neglected (when his developmental needs and tendencies - manifested uniquely as sensitivities - have been overlooked) means, to find a precious whole 'being' unfolding with ever-compounding scar-tissues of experience. 

The ripple effects of such parental ignorance, negligence, and irresponsibility have only proven - across time and space - to bring forth the inevitable, irreparable consequences of human conditioning, for generations into the future.

Parents are the pace-setters of advancement, and deviation from advancement - exercised in counteractive momentum. The resolute application of mindfulness in parenting is thus pivotal towards sustaining the well-being of the child - along the process of nurturing his body, mind, and intellect. Most candidly said, every being on earth today is, wholly and naturally, a product fashioned by formative life-experience. 

It is, therefore, in the best interest of the parent, child, and the world in turn, to re-examine the choices we make, as parents - the foremost mentors of humanity. While the idea of compassion is reflected in our dialogues, it is never without its colorations - from darkness to brilliance - in accordance with the varied levels of understanding and interpretation. I continue to question, why compassion - as practiced today - is mostly observed in the best interest of 'the subject of perception' - as opposed to both 'the subject and the object of perception' that completes the round of consciousness. 

To elucidate this further, when we aim harm upon another, in whatever form it takes, there is an absence of compassion while we tenaciously defend our position, in denial - influenced by the idea of 'a cosmic creation' to serve a human interest. Thus, with a seeming sense of righteousness, we continue to make the case that we live in compassion, and interestingly enough, there are more people to assert this position, despite the fact that this so-called compassion is one-sided, and therefore, adulterated! 

Sadly, it seems, that the beautiful creatures that graze the earth are overlooked from this human-centered dualistic perspective of compassion. How compassionate is the person who takes the life of a beautiful creature that wishes for its own happiness - such as a quail or a dear, for instance - in the great scheme of loving kindness and compassion? What is the example we set in the eyes of our children, or for that matter for our grandchildren, when we are split-visioned in our thinking? The message of a double standard is very evident; as long as it feeds our selfish human sentiments, it seems it really does not matter! 

Compassion is the all-transcending, unwavering wisdom of the universe; it surpasses the mortal intellect that is blinded by selfish ignorance. It is not about coveted credentials and education, or blind praise vested upon the laurels of fame, name, and glory, that brings out the best of our human potential. It is solely the cultivated ability to see beyond self-serving interests within one's innermost seat of consciousness . 

All in all, it must never be discounted that the principle of impartiality and accountability - with regard to our actions, in terms of body, speech, and mind - reigns in our morally ordered universe. Our children deserve to be grounded in this knowledge - by way of life-experience - if we wish to make a healthy difference in our world. Our state of being in life, death, and beyond, is a direct consequence of our own accumulations of merit or otherwise, not affirmed by humans, but asserted by the sublime force of 'equality and reciprocity' alone!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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