Wednesday, November 1, 2017


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Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life.


Our human reality is the long conditioned response to the quality of mind held through ever-vacillating time and space between 'a past' and 'a future'. We continue to operate in a field of separateness spurred by divisive body, speech, and thought, blinded by the darkness of egoistic ignorance. The 'self' delusively apprehends its objectthe world of multiplicity and diversitypropelled by  desire, in the guise of passion and aversion; from its dualistic purview, it fails to recognize that the subject and object, together, form 'one whole' as the seamless ocean of LOVE that permeates all of 'being'transcending name and form. The dull-witted subject loses recognition that it is an integral aspect (a momentarily materialized universal)⏤erroneously seen as individuationwithin an inconceivable web of interrelatedness and interpenetration of phenomena. This aspect of particularizing and discriminating consciousnesscalled the selfis the insidious reason beneath the avalanches of experience we encounter as both 'good and evil' while the latter overshadows the psychological spectrum in relation to sensory impressions, perception and conception.

Each of us, in the depth of our consciousness, wish for peace and well being; we, however, remain entrenched in our deeply ingrained habitual patterns propelled by the father of self-centric ignorance and the mother of desirebringing to bear the off-springs of craving, clinging and attachment towards multitudinous 'name and form'and all of these, along the blind pursuit of happiness. 

More often, than not, our life-force tainted by the scar tissues of emotive and cognitive unrest revolves around the fulfillment of self-worthiness and self-elevation shunning and reducing the self worthiness of other beings. This is the most obvious catalyst of our personal degradation and volatility all the way around, despite every effort made in defense of the self alone! We continually overlook our ground from which we have emerged and that is, needless to say, through cooperation and interdependence, as opposed to segregation. Succinctly said and asked, as both relational and provisional beingsempty of self-entity or identityhow, then, can we in our proper frame of mind, find justification to embellish the so called 'self' and disregard another? Paradoxically, the egoistic mind (the subjective consciousness that feels, thinks, and wills) as a self-evolving phenomenon is conditioned by externality, while it simultaneously conditions its objectthe worldreactively, spurred and colored by its internal baggage of habit energy or memory.

It is, hence, an apparent truth that our world is fashioned and perpetuated by our internal attitudes! Our attitudes, in turn, intermingle with others' attitudes and we are perpetually and subconsciously affected by a kind of osmosis in which we live and breathe. The more we focus our attention upon dismantling the egocentricity of 'self' insightfully and systematically, the more altruistically intentioned and 'other-centered' we shall become! Above all things, a morally ordered universe of 'equality and reciprocity' calls for an ethically balanced world; it must be launched at the level of the grassroots of  societythe family.               

Let us also be aware, the twin moral principles of 'selflessness'as the 'supreme wisdom' and  'unconditional compassion' are inextricably woven into the sublime tapestry of LOVEequalizing and harmonizing the aggregate picture of life and being. Our intentions and motivations that defy these universal principles only lead us to no gain, but suffering alone. Rest assured, our deed performing world of externality is entirely a projection of compartmentalized thought. Thought, the precursor to good and evil, is a mere conglomeration of human fantasy and ideology rooted in fragmented mental processes. The world, our human reality, therefore, may only be transformed in one direction or another by the conscious choices we make at the level of individuality, slowly but surely, bearing an influence upon the collective for the better or for the worst. 

Today, though, the world cries for help. It is in all sorts of  disarrayclimatically, environmentally, politically, socially, culturally, and economically. This, of course, may be attributed to the psychological confusion that exists in our minds! Regrettably, this state of affairs is stoked by the malady of our erroneously grounded mind of discrimination and falsity of reasoning, thereby, giving rise to consequential and inevitable human psychological imbalances of varying propensities. 

However, if the mind is treated with tender loving carere-directing it to recognize the futility of discriminating thought grounded upon dualistic, false reasoning and imaginationit bears the potential to find healing and transformation; if, in fact, the disturbance in the mind is addressed with thoughtfulness and understanding, societal change for the better and world order will be the automatic consequence! The main disturbance, sadly, is the deeply ingrained self-destructive attitude that looms 'within' and nurtured relentlessly by the counterproductive habit energies (on the most part) of an irrevocable past.  It takes profound understanding and effort to break away from old habit-patterns and deep-rooted prejudices, so that the antidotal 'help to life' virtues may be cultivated with the 'right understanding' and 'right view' in support of our morally grounded human purpose on earth. 

Altruistic motivation and intention, together, are the pivotal keys to recovery from mental disarray and, therefore, peace all the way aroundboth individually and collectively. Altruism is the practice of unconditional loving kindness and compassion⏤seeing through the eyes of all beings of sentience⏤without exceptions. Altruism must begin in the home, within the family, and extended to the immediate family circle⏤gradually expanding to the greater community and society at large. The practice of loving kindness towards all creatures of sentience is the stepping stone to overcoming our human failures. Those who indulge in harming precious lifeclaiming dominion over themcontinue to reman in the darkness of ignorance and denial, feeling the need to justify the choices they make in their foolhardiness.The supreme moral code of the universe, though, is the ultimate ground of justification and may it be known that the character and spiritual evolution of an individual is defined by the way he treats all beings of sentience⏤not limited only to humans. All conclusively, spiritual realization surpasses the intellect that leans on language and expression, imagination, blind belief in religious dogma, and self-gratifying worship. The supreme noble wisdom may only be discerned, contemplatively, by clearing the inclusions of mind and returning to our true and original nature that is awakened and resides at the deepest seat of our consciousness. 

Let us wake up! When we hurt others we hurt ourselves! The substratum of awareness holds and preserves all imprints of particularizing consciousnessas body-speech-mind experiencebringing to bear their due maturation while balancing the equation of 'equality and reciprocity' in our morally ordered universe. 

All things of kaleidoscopic emanation, hence, are none other than being of 'one taste' in the wondrous field of LOVE!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. 

Humanity cries out loud for help!

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