Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of LIFE! 


The sky mourns in sorrow
On this Thanksgiving day
November 23, 2017
For countless precious beings
Terminated, in vain
In keeping with an age-old tradition
of a pilgrim heritage
Some hunters and food gatherers
of a different stage in civilization

Does it make moral sense, though

In this day and age
When choices are abundant, of course
to exercise the human free-will
in unconditional compassion

Humans rejoice, regrettably

in delusion and denial
Amidst others' sorrow and lamentation...
Of kindred beings of ONE ESSENCE 
Who treasured their right for survival

Just know, there is just one supreme presence

of incessantly evolving many expressions
As a cosmic ballet surreal, and ever-transient
To the pulsations and rhythms of...
A sole symphony of manifold vibrations
Orchestrated from the infinite to the infinitesimal
All of which are of ONE TASTE and ONE SUBSTANCE
As such, LOVE alone—the TRUTH ULTIMATE!

The universal law—all-transcendent, nonetheless

The equalizing force in operation
Over and beyond human speculation
Unfailingly, brings to bear
the fruits of body-speech-mind
As such, pain given, will be pain taken
with no exception!

Beware the moral law, sublime

Transcends space and time
While it operates across 'space and time'
Mysteriously, when cooperative conditions are aligned
As time and opportunity unite
While circumstance is defined!

The world of experience, hence, is none else

but a momentary manifestation
As 'the here' and the 'the now'
Along a causal continuum
The river of 'form and being' 
with neither beginning, nor ending
Emanating the aura of sentient perception
Confused or radiant!

 Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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