Thursday, March 2, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


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Dear Mark and Priscilla and ALL Parents who Live to Make a Difference in the World,

I am an ardent user of Facebook to spread the seeds of LOVE at all times, whenever possible! Thank you, for this great opportunity via social media to connect with the world, so that people may exercise good judgment to exert their talents uniquely in order to make a healthy difference in humanity.
My lifetime, in particular, has been dedicated to the cause of inspiring children and parents of the world—awakening them to the fundamental truth of compassion upon which all ideals for learning must be grounded. Thanks, with all of my love and gratitude, to my own parents who lived to epitomize superior moral values. As pioneering influences in the field of Montessori, they grounded me in its 'compassion based' philosophy (and psychology) that embraces ‘living to learn’—propped upon the twin virtues of unconditional respect and responsibility towards all things that compose the fabric of LIFE.
Since each and every one of you (naturally aspiring to be very eager young informed parents) stand on a very powerful platform to help shape our world, I ask for your kind advocacy to extend your altruistic heart—raising awareness in humanity about the cultivation and application of the pivotal virtues of kindness, humility, and respect—powered by inclusiveness. 
That said, together, may you lead this world to prevent undue pain and suffering upon all beings of sentience—to include the beautiful, yet, helpless and hopeless creatures that graze our planet Earth's lush and beautiful habitats. May these habitats, in turn, remain protected—undisturbed and unsullied by human exploitation, infiltration, intervention, and destruction—so that their flora and fauna may carry out nature's intended higher purpose for the preservation of all species and our greater environment, THE PLANET EARTH!
I am particularly saddened by the fact that the children of this nation and the world have little or no guidance in this regard—in contemplation of the stark reality that our civilized world continues to be set back by the values of instinctual human conditioning. Today’s children, to say the least, are the unfortunate heirs and beneficiaries to the poor choices of their elders who often remain selfishly motivated to harm and endanger beautiful creatures and their natural environment—in the name of sportsmanship, or otherwise. 
As human parents, bestowed with emotional depth and 'a conscience', may you reflect upon the selfless nature of LOVE that embraces all of life, transcending conceptual demarcations. All creatures, besides humans, feel pain as much as we do; they deserve a chance to live as much as we do. Our spiritual human ascent, as well as endowment, rests unequivocally upon our capacity to practice and realize the principle of COMPASSION that permeates all aspects of life.
In observation of the wisdom that speaks thus, ‘you know the character of a human being by the way he/she treats animals’, I make this plea to you, to become the greatest advocates, especially, in service to the children of the earth. To protect the innocence of all children—by never exposing and de-sensitizing them to the cruelty inflicted upon animals—especially, in their most formative years of life, is to save the world from undue misery! Every little drop of LOVE by which we may touch the ocean of human potential, the further we shall advance towards its healthy transformation.
Altruistic compassion from our very ground of being is the time-tested TRUTH to a better world filled with PEACE and LOVE! 

Thank you, ALL, for taking the time to read my message.

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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