Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 


I salute to Asha Deliverancean outspoken motherwho raised a child with a heart! 

I salute to Micah Fletcher, Ricky John Best, and  Taliesin Myriddin Namkai Meche of Portland who, together, even as strangers to each other, heroically placed their lives in jeopardy in order to protect human rights in the jaws of hate.

I honor the amazing parents of Richard Collins III who was slain at the University of Maryland and was the victim of a hate crime. 

I pay reverence to all those tragic victims of hate whose precious lives are curtailed without rhyme or reason.

Today, we live in a confused human world filled with anger, aggression, hate, enmity, and many more shades and intensities of temperamental darkness. There has been a surge of sad events in our nation that boasts overall civility in comparison with the rest of the world, but seemingly falls short at the root of rationality. Day in and day out, we wake up to the confused reality of inhuman and savage forms of conduct triggered by seething vexation. This is a very disheartening and demoralizing state of affairs that we, together, are burdened with, today. 

We, are one humanity and one family of sentience indivisibly and inseparably linked by the ever-present breath of LOVE. We share the same flesh, blood, bone, and marrow transcending all illusory discriminations of thought as mental constructs. We surf the waves of life and death in the ocean of eternity; we all wish for happiness regardless of toxic egocentric attitudes and pursuits. It takes a thoughtful shift in our attention, however, to understand the core of our being that lies beyond the multiplicity and diversity of appearances, names, and discriminations. ALTRUISTIC COMPASSION is its character. It is the mirror essence of LOVE; it is untainted and unruffled by all waves of thought. PEACE is its glorious vesture and it is within our reach when we get past our confused mental chatter. 

I once read thus:

"The mind is a garden; in it, we are the gardeners; we can grow flowers or we can grow weeds!"

Eloquently said, it gets to the gist of the conversation! Those of us who are prisoners of our own emotions fanned by the flames of egocentricity and reckless human advocacy will regrettably remain trapped, drained, and drowned in the swamp of dubious and misguided conceptions. While this is the case, weeds alone shall propagate. The only way we may get our bearings together is to  be very enthusiastically engaged peace activists in and around our immediate and extended family settingsthe grassroots of social organization and revitalization. Needless to say, the flowers and fruits of our efforts—by way of body, speech, and mind—may only bring forth their natural consequences assuring us with the promise of non-harm and PEACE!

I am inspired by the words of ASHA DELIVERANCE who transformed her tears of unbearable maternal pain to the joy of indestructible altruistic LOVE. I am equally impressed by the most gracious and noble sentiments expressed by Richard Collin's parents in the wake of their son's unprecedented death at the University of Maryland.

I often question as to why human beings stoop so low to commit atrocities only to demonstrate that they are emotionally impoverished. Many of them show no signs of repentance and it is a gravely disturbing picture. They, most obviously, need help because they are the products of their own conditioning—where the  weight primarily rests upon the parents and immediate family who continually and collectively etch the behavioral code of the future. Innocent bystanders, as well as heroic men and women, intersect with these confused predators at inopportune moments, bringing grief to on-lookers who are imbued with traits of selfless love. 


Let us stand in unison to raise wholesome children with superior human values.

Let there be no callousness demonstrated to cause suffering upon any form of sentience that wishes happiness for its own life.

Let not your children participate in devious, deceptive, and degradable acts that only cause ill-will upon others, not forgetting the environment; if this was the case, you become the architects of the future of destruction, as opposed to spiritual human advancement.

Never nourish your child's intellect with unworthy sensory inputs. Let  them be immersed in curiosity, adventure, and guided research, to understand the mysterious and marvelous interactive facets of nature, called LIFE!

Let your child understand that he/she is an indispensable microcosmic wheel of energy inextricably interconnected and interpenetrated with the vastness of the universal spectrum. The recognition that, 'he/she is the universe' and 'the universe—in all of its magnanimityis  in him/her' is the stepping stone to higher realization. Every wave of intention and action exerts its unfailing imprints of energy in the ocean of consciousness. Our purities and defilements play out in counteractive momentum just like the microbial interactivity that takes place so involuntarily within the organism, called body. We, alone shape our world by our thoughts and actions. Please communicate ideas with sound reasoning and raise your child upon the edifice of wisdom! LOVE alone endures, anything contrary to this pristine nature brings about catabolic effects all the way around.

Let your child know that nature is not reactive (like us humans) but is responsive and adaptable to the presence of all conditions. We have much to learn from nature; nature is our teacher!

Let your child know that nature flexes its muscles in mysterious ways to heal humanity, so we may grow to learn that all differences fade away at times of  dis-ease and catastrophic upheavals. We, thus, arrive home to the base of LOVE that sees no demarcations other than ONENESS!

May you grow to realize that, 'the world rests in the hands of the child' who undergoes formative development through the phases of 0-6, 6-12, and 12-18 years of age. Mental attitude and intellectual aptitude have their roots embedded and anchored in the bedrock of human life. As parents, we have a responsibility to nurture the nature of human development with caring attention GROUNDED UPON ALTRUISTIC COMPASSION ALONE. 


Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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