Thursday, July 12, 2012

Music at the Core of Fine-tuning the Human Spirit

Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 

Is a Tenable Truth!

Life in itself is a great symphony of vitality. The cosmic vibrations are orchestrated as sounds of 'life and being', in myriad ways - to be heard by diverse forms or levels of perception.  Then, there is the field of all possibilities that align the forces of the universe to bring about enchanting sound-harmony. The human spirit is an emanation of such universal bio-rhythmic vibrations.

Invariably, music becomes a fact in life - inseparable and indivisible from the vast and unfathomable cosmic ballet of our universe. It requires little, or no effort, to be musical, other than matching our uniquely personal and/or collective human potential - that arise in the form of sensitivities - with momentous opportunity.
History, indeed, attests to the ever-propellant musical ingenuity and potential of human culture through the ages, let alone animal-kind in all their glory! The choruses and chorales, instruments in kind, artistic movements of the body (to the diverse rhythms, beats, tones, and harmonics), and theatrics (rich in choreography) we enjoy today, indeed, boast the natural propensities of the human spirit.
Consult Nelunika Gunwardena Rajapakse to immerse yourself with parenting knowledge and awareness, so that you may partner your child to balance human attitude and spirit with the music after our hearts and souls.

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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