Monday, November 12, 2012

Let Us Join Hands in the Circle of LOVE

Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 

An Inspiration of Unconditional Compassion

 In Tribute to the Fallen, Injured, and Down Trodden

 on Behalf of a Nation 

Let us join hands in the circle of LOVE 

Let our LOVE emanate without conditions

Let our LOVE extend to all beings of sentience

Let our LOVE remain transcendent

 in realization of the preciousness of existence as 'forms of perception'

Let our LOVE, embrace all beings - without exception - with equal love

Let our LOVE be filled with insight

  to understand the deep interconnectedness we hold

with all beings of sentience who remain:

near and far

visible and invisible

great and small

endangered and common

discontented and contented

in painful states and pleasurable states

seemingly harmful or harmless

seemingly violent or non-violent

injured or uninjured

exploited and unexploited

down trodden and uprisen

ignorant or wise

Let our LOVE, ultimately, be the cause

 for the preservation of equality in existence

Let our LOVE become luminous

 to see no differentiations in the basic value of life!

Let our LOVE exude the radiant wisdom of selflessness

Let our LOVE remain infectiously brilliant with compassion

In sum, wake up to our morally ordered universe that serves all beings

 with equal justice - checking and balancing all acts of body-speech-mind!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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