Saturday, December 15, 2012

Human Happiness

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Here is a touch of my make a difference in the tapestry of life.

Is About Everyone's Happiness

I am saddened by the events of human misconduct and associated tragic consequences during the most recent past, not forgetting the distant past. There are diverse points of view to deter such events from happening in the future. Some perspectives make sense, and others simply do not. 

I realize we were not born to think alike, although I truly believe that we are endowed with the potential to cultivate a compassionate attitude—uncolored by fear, doubt, skepticism, anxiety and a host of negative emotions that arise due to our fundamental state of human ignorance and thereby the lack of understanding with regard to our primary human responsibility towards other fellow beings of sentience. 

The notion of ‘separateness’ unfortunately generates the misconception with regard to the unifying all-transcendent TRUTH of ‘one essence’ and its self-proclaiming diffusions. LOVE—selfless by nature—is the ground of our vey being; that said, our primary human responsibility towards our fellow beings is to be other-centered and immersed in compassion. 

We often fail to acknowledge that others feel pain as much as we do, and hence they all wish for peace and happiness. Our views of preventive action pose conditionality in defense of our self-absorbed, personal points of view. This may be addressed as 'living in denial'.

If we wish to see a better world fashioned by human action, to say the least, it is imperative that we view life with clarity and purpose to serve the entirety, as opposed to serving the individual alone. Unfortunately, our world continues to be ravaged by the flames of self-elevating desire and cravingsby way of passion, aversion, and delusion.

The only way to overcome these ominous circumstances, is to dispel our ignorance entrenched with negative emotional traits. We must stand together with intuitive wisdom, filled with compassion. In our efforts to do so, the following are some poignant reminders.

We must begin to dispel all negative aspects or causes that obstruct peacefulness  in life - by way of adversities and atrocitiesat the level of the grass roots, the family.

Compassion must begin in the home. Children are born with innocence. Their innocence must be preserved with thoughts, words, and deeds of non-violence towards all creatures of sentience.

Parents are the primary mentors and caretakers of children. They must be prepared with intelligent reasoning to carry out their life's call to raise wholesome children with gentle habit-energies.

Failed parenting bring about heart-wrenching consequences that affect the entire fabric of existence.  Children are at the mercy of their parents and they do not deserve to become the beneficiaries of  parental pitfalls and shortsightedness. In this context of thought, poor choices of sportsmanship  may only bring sad returns to  haunt us for generations to come. This is for every parent's personal reflection.

Children must be nurtured with LOVE of the highest caliber of mind, that is selflessness. They ought to be raised with the wisdom of unconditional LOVE so that they may touch all of life with the power of  kindness and compassion; all sentient beings understand the language of LOVE. 

Compassion is the sublime principle in operation within the vast scheme of the universe; its  harmony and equilibrium rests upon the nature of its users, and abusers. There is no reason to live in fear and doubt if LOVE alone pervades the mind.

The Noble Wisdom of All Transcendent Compassion is the PINNACLE of TRUTH and the highest transmission that prevails in the universe. We must fine-tune our reception to this transmission by extracting the inclusions of mind though meditative introspection.

All combative objects and acts along the notion of defense belong to the unwise. One must refrain from pursuing this path. 

The world, and its future of happiness or sorrow rests in our hands, as parents. 

Refresh a troubled mind with a peaceful lifestyle engaging the intellect with harmony and balance untainted by overstimulation of mental activity. 

Re-visit the incidents that have affected our lives. 

Reflect upon the origin of pain and suffering. 

Re-compose our thoughts over and over again, until we arrive at the heart of the truth. 

Remind ourselves that we live in a morally ordered universe; thus compassion reigns over all things and events in existence. 

Restore our human nature that must surpass instinctual tendencies. 

Return to our natural primordial state of being that is the ultimate emanation of compassion. 

May all beings be freed from ill-will and ignorance.

May all beings reap happiness by their acts of kindness.

May all beings overcome their sorrows with wisdom, infused and suffused with compassion.

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. 

Humanity cries out loud for help.

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