Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Universe of Inseparable Wheels in Motion

Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life.

 'Infinite Processes of Being and Becoming'

The universe is one vast and infinite self winding machine that embodies an infinity of wheels in motion.

Despite our inability to fathom or comprehend 
the wondrous vast scheme of the universe,
all events by way of 'name and form, 'being and becoming',
 are inseparably interconnected wheels of energy in motion
 - from the infinitesimal to the infinite - 

The universe operates under two laws of conservation: 
of contraction and expansion

The universe is an infinite phenomenon that shrinks with the infinity of contraction

 and expands to the infinity of extension;
 thus a portion of the universe is simply a part of its infinite expanse
 that, in turn, contains an infinity of infinitely contracted portions
 of the universe.

The universe may be defined as a conglomeration

 of an infinity of miniature universes 
from the perspective of its minutest composition; 
thus every miniscule segment essentially contains the whole universe. 

'Being and Form'

The universe of 'being and form' is our human reality. 

The principles that define the entirety of the universe
 justifiably apply to all of its parts.
 As such, each material fiber that constitutes a being
 is a miniature form of the whole being, whatever it might be the case.

The Universe of Flux

Of all wheels of the universe the most powerful, 
inconceivable, and infinitesimally small
are the units of mind that beat in rapidity and rotation beyond the speed of light; 
similarly, the units of matter are rotations or wheels of energy at a slower pace.

All rotations of mind and matter arise, develop, exist, decay, and dissolve;
 this feature is a constant for mind and matter.

Although rotations consist of beginnings and endings, 
mind and matter are infinite phenomena without beginning or ending;
 they will neither cease to exist, nor remain unchanged.

Time turns every wheel of the units of mind and matter;
 time never remains constant; 
thus no wheel of the the units of mind and matter shall remain constant; 
cycles of repetition from each beginning to ending,
closely skipping from the tip of each ending to the tip of each beginning
 is the order of rotational motion.

 Origination leads to cessation; cessation, in turn, leads to origination. 
Thus birth and death are two inevitable and spontaneous expressions of one truth. 
This is the state of reality!

The universe, in essence, is a process in constant flux all over, 
with no uniformity of mind and matter.
All units of mind, and indeed, matter
 discernible to the senses only by way of substances 
revolve under the universal law of continuous flux
 best expressed as provisional existence.

The tapestry of universe: 
 'stillness in dynamism' or 'dynamism in stillness'

Whether things or events exist near or far, 
visibly or invisibly,
 at a coarse/gross level, subtle level, or a secret essence level,
 all phenomena interpenetrate to form the tapestry of the universe 
bringing about revelations in relation to the law of implicate order 
 continually manifesting as frames of mind 
through each infinite moment.

 Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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