Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mind's Course Along Space and Time

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Always at the Edge of the Infinite Present

The infinite present exists as the mind travels its course
simultaneously across space and time.

The present, in actuality, is the momentary filament of mind 
along its passage through space and time.

While mind and matter are motions in themselves,
 their forces of rotation
 - as currents and vibrations - 
are uniquely disposed.

Matter's transformational passage in space and time
 is discernible to the senses, since matter assumes form.

However, mind-matter of the subtlest nature
 is indiscernible to the senses. 

Mind's travel and its presence,
 in simultaneity
 along space and time, may be apprehended
  as 'the ever-contracting present'
that occupies the crest of a wave of mind 
appropriately defined
 as 'a speck of time' and 'a quark of space'

 Mind's transformational course in space and time
therefore, leaves no imprints or visible marks behind
 just as that of a bird that glides in the air,
 or a fish that traverses the water.

The Mind's Travel Along Space and Time...   

Is analogous to a charriot
 - whether stationary or in motion - 
of which its wheels barely touch the ground
infinitely and momentarily, at one point in space and time. 

The presence of mind, likewise,

 assumes a speck of time and a quark of space infinitely; 
in spatiotemporal terms, it is analogous to a geometric point.

The mind beats or travels along a rotational sequence 

 comprising the three seasons of birth, preservation and death,
 to each cyclic vibration.

Each of the three seasons within a rotation, forms a mind moment;

 hence, every beat of mind comprises three moments of mind.

Similarly, on a larger scale, the mind beats incessantly

 from the beginning of a lifetime to the end of a lifetime
 to unfold the three seasons of childhood, youth, and old age.

All parentheses through space and time
 discerned as world stages, periods, eras, and aeons,
 are naturally disposed with the three seasons
 - of a dawning, provisional being, and a culmination.

Cycles in incessant transformation
 - from the infinitesimal to the infinite - 
ultimately define the human experience.

The Mind's Course...

Needless to say, is never straight, but jagged
 being colored by wavering hues of emotions.

 Pure presence untainted or unaltered by thought processes, however,
 is the ground of awakening 
freed from reactions to sensory stimuli.

The mind, thus, is the forerunner of all good and evil.

The mind, ultimately, is the very source and culmination
 of all phenomena, psychophysical by nature.

Finally, ignorance may only be overcome with knowledge of the profound.

The Mind Courses through a Vast Spectrum of Emotions

Focused non-reactive presence and awareness
 illuminates and enlightens the mind
 with knowledge and wisdom.

Reaction to thought processes

 spurred by sensory stimuli
 nurtures egoistic ignorance.

We may steer ourselves from all dissatisfactions

  - by way of transience and impermanence - in existence
through cultivated purification of mind itself.

The Mind at Its Most Natural State

Is free from all inclusions
It mirrors the clear light of awareness alone!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help

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