Friday, June 6, 2014

Our Magical World - A Tapestry of Interwoven Threads of Time and Space!

Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web! 

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 

Entrapped Within
 The Eighteen Elements of Being!

Our world is a tapestry of interwoven threads of vacillating 'time in space', and 'space in time’ - reflected upon as  diverse facets and beings of LOVE - crisscrossing and overlapping each other to fulfill the retributive effects and consequences - as cyclic events of an unbroken chain of causation - manifested solely by 'the presence' of cooperative conditions as  sheer opportunity, function, and circumstance.

Each of us, in this tapestry, is a bearer and a sharer of time’s special gifts of LOVE; they are absolutely unique and unsurpassed by any other; as to whoever, whenever, wherever, why, and whatever, one might be, over another, is contingent upon the imprints set within each individual stream of body-speech-mind; accordingly, these streams of mind intersect , with precision and perfection, along the vast scheme of redemption - in adherence to the cosmic moral order of the universe; such is the vast and inconceivable web of causes and consequences, accompanied by cooperative conditions!

The special gifts of 'LOVE' are, indeed, the the natural emanations of interdependent co-existence; wisdom and compassion - surpassing egoistic discriminations - permeates this tapestry, bringing to fruition the checks and balances of all acts of body-speech-mind, with meaning and purpose beyond any, or all, speculation; the cosmic moral law of intentional action and equal reaction, needless to say, reigns supreme in the universal tapestry of LOVE and justice!

Essentially, the tapestry of LOVE as ‘a whole’ is the inevitable consequence of its collective parts; the parts merely are the colored reflections of all other parts of the whole; it is the magical, magnanimous display of 'presence' as 'interdependent co-existence’ by way of 'multiplicity and diversity' within one universal field of 'unity and simplicity'; thus the relativity of 'multiplicity and diversity' is inseparably and indivisibly intertwined with the  reality of the absolute - the  nature of 'unity and simplicity' that mirrors all cosmic conditions!

Each part holds intrinsic value in relation to all other parts, and therefore, 'the whole' - the field of infinite potential or all possibilities, of emergence and non-emergence of phenomena, based upon a complex web of co-originating factors, as causes, cooperative conditions, and consequences of redemption.  Each individual part is indispensable for the sustenance of the whole. 

The universal tapestry is every breath of interdependence that reflects as 'right here' and 'right now', called 'presence' or 'existence'; Nothing exists outside this moment; thus each moment is the universe; the universe resides within the moment-mind that transcends space and time!

The universe is the playful wakefulness of truth and phenomena. The truth is the mind of cognitive clarity alone, filled with luminous empty essence, from which manifestations of transience - as non-abiding phenomena - evolve to dissolve, and vice-versa.

The universe is thus the playful wakefulness or the dynamic field of unobstructed truth and phenomena.

The universe is the dynamic and unobstructed interpenetration of truth and phenomena.

The universe is the dynamic and unobstructed interpenetration of truth, in every phenomenon.

The psychophysical universe, ephemeral by nature, manifests three pairs of phenomena:

All  things in existence are of simultaneous formation and disintegration

All things in existence are marked with simultaneous characteristics of unity and diversity.

All things in existence are marked with simultaneous natures of universality and  particularity.

All in all, the psychophysical universal fabric is ephemeral by nature; two intimately interdependent, indivisible, inseparable spheres of operation as physiological/physical (as outer of body and environment) and mental/psychological (as inner),  together manifest our world.

The miracle of existence is brought forth by the eighteen elements of being; they are the six sense-bases, fields, and consciousness; they remain interactively engaged to sustain the relativity of biorhythmic phenomena within the reality of the all-encompassing field of infinite potential or cognitive clarity - called the MIND, itself!

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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