Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Liberating Truth

Hello, Dear Parent Friends of the Web!

Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 

Is to Uphold Balance

The wisdom of luminous empty essence manifests our psychophysical world of phenomena - in accordance with the forces of mind. It is the liberating truth, in an ultimate sense. 

Its nature is that which brings forth incessant transience; it entails pure action of compassion and benevolence to heal the world. 

Whether it is conducive to egoistic mental attitudes or not, it is a constant reminder to uphold equilibrium between the 'inner' and the 'outer'. Our freedom - all the way around - thus rests upon this middle ground if, and when, we adhere to this truth.

Our outward efforts in attainment of freedom will only be proven futile along the course of our lives as long as the mind remains ungrounded - by the absence of inner harmony and balance. 

The truth is that total emancipation is within our reach through the cultivation of  overall integrity in body-mind-spirit.

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 Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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