Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Universe, Its Preservation and Destruction

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Here is a touch of my wisdom... to make a difference in the tapestry of life. 

From the Perspective of Human Sentience

Human Perception is a process of mind
 spurred by mind's support -
 the body, guided by the brain and its nervous system 
- as the physical framework of mind:
it is a complex and inconceivable network
 of collective neuronal activity

Human Perception is unique to the human species

Human perception is perpetuated, indeed, by diverse cravings and graspings

Human perception is trapped
 within six sense faculties of operation that involve
 eighteen elements of 'being and becoming'
as  six sense bases,
six sense fields,
 and six sense consciousnesses

Human perception is incessantly driven

 by unguarded sensuality

Human perception is steered by delusion, as egocentricity

Human perception may be transcended

 solely through investigative insight
 and introspection alone!


The universe, is the continuous manifestation
 of human consciousness
 perpetuated by the five-step process of personality
known to be the five-aggregates of 'being and becoming'
namely, form, feeling, perception, 
conception or volition, and consciousness

The universe, as 
experienced and perceived, corresponds

 to individual human awareness
cultivated outwardly through linguistic elaborations
and, more importantly, 
through conscientious cultivation inward 
 by means of introspection, and investigative insight

The manifest universe - a field of designations and representations - is none other than conventional relativity

The universal order and chaos
is a direct reflection of ever-prevalent

 personal and universal compassion

The universe 'without' is communicative of 
the collective aura of its inhabitants
The universe 'within' is colored and conditioned
 by the cumulative imprints - or the counteractive forces -
 of each individual stream, or process of mind

The universe is selfless and wondrous, by nature

 - giving and receiving LOVE
 as unbroken causal chains of 'being and becoming'

Universal preservation, hence, is our collective responsibility

Universal destruction, by the same token, is

 a retributive effect of our collective ignorance

The Reason...

Human evolution and advancement
 continues through the exploitation and destruction
 of the living environment - of 'being and form'

The environment of being and form, on the other hand,  collectively exists as 'prey' or 'predator'

 guided by instinctual tendencies...
checking and balancing the equation called 'life'
 without undue destruction

Human beings, nevertheless, brood hopelessly

 over their self-serving interests... and the inevitable retributive consequences of their choices

  The 'free-will' as our spiritual human endowment 

awaits to be exercised...
in reverence to all beings and forms in existence

 that are linked  by the 'life-breath of interdependence'

To sum up...

The Universe
 - in terms of its preservation and destruction - 
continually awakens us to take moral responsibility
 for its healthy perpetuation!

The universe is our spiritual human endowment; 
it arises and dissolves in accordance with
 the nature of human morality.

Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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