Friday, December 6, 2013

Nature, Where the Human Spirit Must Rest

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Respect and Protect
 The Order and Balance of Life!

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Nature altered by human exploitation will never be without its ramifications.

Here are a few pointers to reflect upon:

First and foremost, nature's sublime purpose is being undermined; its ecological balance and serenity is disturbed.

Creatures are displaced from their habitats, thus, seeing them in places where humans never found them before. Humans, in turn, feel threatened and inconvenienced by the creatures that never did any wrong, to begin with! Humans find ways to get these marvelous beings out of their way - denying them of their own existence and love of life - while being in denial of our own egocentric misdoings.

Plant life is being compromised; their suffering and destruction is sadly our ill-fate. We humans fail to realize that much of our human sufferings may be attributed to the diminishing oxygen rich fresh air, while environmental pollutants continue to ravage us with disease.

Deforestation to accomplish agroindustrial and business objectives brings about its retributive effects upon the world. A multitude of very evident negative causal factors and their fatal consequences propagate the stream of biological and environmental degeneration. Humans, in turn, are besieged by trauma. Along the process, we continue to be blindly involved in scientific research in order to overcome the effects of this causal chain provoked by human misdoings. Can we, for a change, ponder over this state of imbalance - and overall biophysical/biochemical disharmony - to arrive at viable options and objectives that may serve to find the origin of most of our problems.

In conclusion, our world is a web of interdependence between the mineral, animal, and plant kingdoms, to say the least. An underlying symbiosis, most obviously, preserves its balance and propagation. Ethically and morally sound human choices - with respect for nature - shall only bring us happy consequences. All other egocentric visions will be counter balanced - over time and circumstance -  by 'Nature, Our Teacher '.

 Let me walk you along the path of peace and grace. Humanity cries out loud for help.

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